The Japanese Twitter account for “Kingdom Hearts III” recently tweeted some lovely Sora artwork in line with the franchise’s 15th anniversary. Naturally, fans reacted as expected – a slew of congratulatory tweets can be noticed from the thread and of course, speculations of all sorts.

It could be just a simple sketch, or there could be some clues embedded in it. The developers haven’t said anything about it, but it didn’t stop fans from drawing theories from it anyway. The image depicts Sora in his usual garb, except he’s sitting on a throne. Noticeably, his pose mirrors the cover art for “Kingdom Hearts 1.5” for the PlayStation 3.

Is Sora the king?

One question raised is if Sora might actually be the king of Kingdom Hearts. If yes, will Kairi rule with him? This has been suggested before so the idea is likely, fans think. Behind Sora are three paintings, which may require a bit of squinting because of the intended censorship blur. It could mean anything, but fans believe that the three pictures coincide with the third entry in the trilogy.

Who’s that on the painting?

It’s fairly impossible to tell, but fans believe the painting on the top left could be Kairi or Namine. Kairi has been confirmed to make an appearance in “Kingdom Hearts III.” Namine, on the other hand, has essentially been absorbed by Kairi herself, which brings up the Nobody form – might we see her assume it one last time?

The Fox

Another theory fans are toying with is the animal on Sora’s lap. You could see its erect ears if you look closely. Fans say that the animal may be a fox, which they have linked to Ava from “Kingdom Hearts 2.8.” Sora is speculated to be a descendent of Ava’s movement back when she donned a fox mask and waged war against darkness.

Theories are all we could come up right now, unfortunately, but they’re entertaining nonetheless, given “Kingdom Hearts III” are rare. There’s going to be a huge announcement come winter 2017, as earlier promised by the developers. Until then, fans might as well be content with the game’s Twitter.