Google has rolled out Gmail v7.2 without any significant changes. However, the search-engine giant has published a new changelog, which points out few surprise elements. According to reports, the latest version includes the integration of account links. It is possible to find them in the app shortcut menu. The new feature will be useful for users who work with multiple Gmail accounts.

Perform several tasks using a long press

In Android 7.1 Nougat, a long tap on the app icon will enable users to compose a message quickly. Moreover, the same technique is used for account selection in addition to shortcut dragging.

It is also possible to perform various actions such as creation, viewing, and editing of tasks from within the Exchange account. According to Android Police, the integration of Exchange support is not new to Gmail. The feature was added in version 7.1, but the company is considering it as a new feature. It's hard to notice these functions unless you are an advanced user.

Manage your user accounts quickly with the latest update

Regarding the app shortcuts, a long press will help you to visualize the standard shortcut for composing a message. The app will also display all the User Accounts active in Gmail. You will be able to open any of the accounts from the displayed list. The Gmail v7.2 also enables users to pull out one user account with a long press and create a new shortcut.

In reality, it is possible to locate all the user accounts using a single tap on display. However, the smartphone should be running Android 7.1 Nougat for the new functionality to work.

Available on Google Play Store, the Gmail app helps you to access not only one single email account but also multiple accounts using a single device.

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It is possible to fetch messages using push notifications including the ability to read messages offline. The app helps you to locate a message using the integrated search feature quickly. The highlight of the Gmail app is that messages with social and promotional content are separated into categories. With the ability to fight spam, the Gmail provides 15GB of storage space for free. Furthermore, it is possible to download all the messages using Microsoft Outlook via POP3 technology.