"Escape from Tarkov" developers announced on Saturday that the game has hit a place in the development cycle where they are now comfortable with people live streaming gameplay. What does this mean for gamers? They're about to get a much better look at what "Tarkov" has to offer.

Battlestate games has said the game is still in the early stages of creation, where players are going to be able to test out the functions included in "Escape from Tarkov". Considering features like deep customization and the ability to trade with other players.

'Escape from Tarkov' has three distinct areas to do battle

When players are going up against each other in "Tarkov", the new live streaming abilities will show players the three areas that allow for wide open combat. The first of these locations is known as The Factory. This area involves close quarter combat where players will be able to hide behind corners and doors.

The second location is known as Customs. This has a bit of a combination of open area combat as well as close quarters. The final location where the fighting in "Escape from Tarkov" takes place is known as The Woods. This is a much more open combat area, though there are trees and foliage to hide in and around.

Choose a faction in 'Escape from Tarkov'

The first thing players will need to do in "Tarkov" is to choose which side they want to take on. The game is set around a couple of warring private military companies who are wanting to take each others weapons and vehicles.

Once you have decided which side you want to fight for, you'll be able to get specific weapons and other gear.

Battlestate games has said there will eventually be a way to trade from one player to another. At the present time, the trading only takes place between players and NPCs. The developers have said this will be changed in the near future. Players can get their hands on the game by placing a preorder through Steam or the developer's website. "Escape from Tarkov" is available now as long as you're willing to put up with a testing state.