The Walt Disney Company is one of the biggest corporations in the world and it doesn't stay so far ahead by not diversifying. One of their innovation wings is busy fulfilling Nikola Tesla’s dream of bringing to life the concept of Wireless electricity. The prototype of the technology is nearly complete, and the company is looking to improve on its functioning before releasing it worldwide.

Personalized electromagnetic fields

Disney is working on a prototype for an apartment that has been specially built for the purpose of providing wireless electricity within its premises.

The technology relies on a phenomenon called Quasi-Static Cavity Resonance (QSCR), and it could soon make the power outlet obsolete.

While building the special room, researchers had to place a copper pipe in the middle of the structure, and the walls had to be specially built using aluminium panels. The copper Piper was used to generate a magnetic field that resonated around the immediate space. This field will not obstruct us in any way, but will allow us to power all our electronic devices without using any cords.

Applications of Technology

It is quite easy to imagine multiple applications of this extremely powerful new technology. When Tesla first imagined wireless electricity, he wanted to use a giant structure similar to the copper pole being used today, to provide a field so powerful that it would resonate around the planet.

Disney has managed to recreate this dream on a small scale, but they are looking to take things to the next level quickly. So far, they are able to transmit 1.9 kilowatts of power inside the prototype room while meeting all Federal safety regulations. It is only a matter of time before this technology is mass produced and made available to households and businesses around the world.

It would dramatically change our power consumption patterns and reliance on conventional technologies. This is the kind of breakthrough that can seriously change the future of our planet.

You can check out a detailed demonstration of this emerging technology in the video below: