A new feature has been rolled out by Google for their Google Photo App, the auto white balance feature. Google has always been involved in updating their services so that they can keep their users happy. The new feature, Auto White Balance for the Google photo app, was rolled out on Thursday, 2nd March 2017.

Automatically adjusts the white of your pictures

The new feature rolled out by Google will automatically add white to the picture that is selected by the user. The app will not only add white balance to the picture selected but also adjust the saturation and exposure, and cleanup your photo to make it more beautiful.

The Google photo app also provides users with the option to manually tweak settings by adding more warmth and tint. You can go to the Colors option to adjust the tint and warmth of the picture you have selected.

Google Photo App update available for Android

The latest update for the photo app, the auto white balance feature will first be available for Android users and will later be rolled out for iOS devices as well. The new features will allow Android users to adjust almost all tones of a photograph. According to experts, the feature will make your pictures look more realistic.

Program manager of Google Photos Tracey Utley confirms the release

Tracey Utley, the Program Manager of Google Photos has confirmed the new feature.

She said that this feature will be happily accepted by photography lovers all around the world.

According to her, when you open a picture using the photo app, it will correct exposure and saturation of the picture along with correcting the white balance of the picture you have selected.

The tint and warmth options will make your image more realistic and natural.

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Now, with these additional features, it is not important whether you clicked the picture indoors or outdoors. The feature will provide a seamless option to adjust the image and make it closer to reality.

The update also gives users dynamic filters that will help them to improve the quality of the image using the dingle tap. The new Deep Blue Slider allows you to add colors to the sky and water. The change log released by Google also reveals that users will be able to edit movies with the Google Photo App now.