CPU bench marking websites have been around for years as an aid to shoppers who select aftermarket components to improve computer performance. It isn't at all uncommon to weigh the performance of a new AMD against a slightly older Intel CPU in the hopes of getting the most for your money. A new AMD A10 is likely to be comparable to last years i5 or the year before's i7 processor. Only by checking such benchmarks can you be sure about what you are getting. Unless you are buying an Amd Ryzen 7

The AMD Ryzen 7 1800 X is now the standard, measured against the i7 6900K.

This advent changes the landscape for: computer manufacturers, home users, and even hobbyists. Beating an 8 core processor even by the tiniest measure has been a battle of microseconds, and the company knew it keenly in advance. Their promise was a 42% improvement and they delivered 52%. This score hasn't accounted for overclocking in any of the preliminary results, where Intel can possibly (probably) deliver on par or better with the right configurations. Consider that neither company's chip was using any different or specialized settings, and suddenly being on par is exceptional.

What to expect as a result of this accomplishment

Hardware manufacturers already make ample use of the AMD lineup in order to offer affordable alternatives to the pricier Intel line.

Savvy shoppers know that it's better to get a "good AMD" than a lower end Intel already. As we go up the scale towards: higher end computers, and laptops, we might see more hesitation on the buyers part. There will certainly be more eager testers, who might be thrilled to try something altogether different. If a massive leap in performance is what they are imagining however, they'll probably be somewhat disappointed as this improvement over the I7 translates to just the tiniest leap in performance.

Where this will matter

AMD historically has one area that it's performance has already been proven to be an asset. AMD excels at Bitcoin mining, and similar cryptographic applications. The upscale decryption capabilities are touted as superior to Intel, even at the cost of graphics performance. This new level of performance may translate into a boom for entrepreneurs who are already working with crypto currencies and other cryptographic solutions. That isn't an arbitrary contribution to the emerging markets where Bitcoin is at an all time high at just over $1000 per coin.