The Wachowski Brothers had a runaway success in 1999 with "The Matrix" which offered a sci-fi formula that nobody was sure would work. By 2003 the franchise had spin-offs, sequels, and now a reboot on the horizon. While the Wachowski Brothers won't be directing this reboot, & Joel Silver has passed on a chance at another blockbuster by selling his interest, this is a film that will inevitably break records on name recognition alone.

The significant change in 'The Matrix.'

Michael B Jordan "Creed" is being seriously considered for the role of the title character, "Neo" as well as other roles in upcoming films.

One of his future roles that has already been confirmed is "Black Panther," where Jordan will play the villain, "Erik Killmonger." No word yet on whether any of the original cast will be making appearances, however, it wouldn't be unlikely for several of the original cast to make cameo appearances. Or perhaps for this story to make "Inception" style references to the other "The Matrix" films. This approach would be almost a prerequisite to keeping fans of the original trilogy coming back for more.

Can a 'The Matrix' reboot work in this franchise?

Arguably the best chance of making this a successful project relies on incorporating elements that made the original films the instant classics that they were.

It's a bit like remaking a "Jaws" film, in that you need a shark. Changing the elements that make "The Matrix" what it is presumed to be could be a disaster, removing the dystopian reality upon which "The Matrix" relies would be less likely for the storytelling than trying to make our current reality the dystopian reality. In that way, we might expect something more like a social narrative, which will alienate at least half of the viewers.

The treatment written by Zakk Penn may be under much closer scrutiny than any normal script or even a standard script preview. Fortunately, Zakk has been the writer behind some of the best films in recent history. To his credit are "X2," "X-Men: The Last Stand," and the story for "The Avengers." His first film script was 1993's "Last Action Hero" starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.