PlayStation 4 (PS4) gamers rejoice as Sony has announced an update to the console called 4.50 that will enhance your gaming experience exponentially. It will make navigating your device easier, while also improving the way things look in your digital world.

Some of the update's features include added 3-D Blu-ray functionality to the playstation vr system, as well as improved backgrounds, easier navigation, external HDD support, and more. The update is codenamed Sasuke and it has already been rolled out. The PS4 continues to outsell competitor Xbox One despite the latter gaining some ground on the former.

Also, the company recently announced the release date of "Little Nightmares."

External HDD support and custom wallpapers

As previously mentioned, Sony has finally listened to what fans had to say by adding external HDD support to the gaming system's functionalities. All you have to do is store content to an external HDD with an option added to the update. You simply plug in a USB 3.0 HDD into your PS4 and you will have more space in your console. You can do this with HDDs that are up to 8TB in size.

Additionally, fans have requested custom wallpapers for a while and these are finally a reality. With these, you can choose an image you love, or even a screenshot from your favorite game and modify your background so it becomes your console's home screen.

Photo Mode in Sharefactory can be used to edit your screenshots if you're looking to exercise your artistic muscle.

3D Blu-rays on PlayStation VR and simplified notification list

By now, everyone knows that virtual reality is quickly becoming an essential part of the gaming experience, with Sony making waves through the PlayStation VR.

You can now watch your favorite film or TV show in 3D Blu-Ray quality if it is connected to your console. You can see 3D moves in stereoscopic 3D directly on your PS VR headset. The console's Notifications app is also simpler. Previously, it had a variety of tabs on the left-hand side that you could access, including Game Alerts, Downloads and Uploads. Now, these are all in one list, which makes it easier for you to see all your notifications together.

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