The success of Android

Android is the top mobile platform by a huge margin, prompting many experiments in trying to duplicate that success on laptops and even desktop operating systems. Since its inception, the Windows 10 Store has been driven by "app consciousness" and that is thanks in large part to Android. Not all mobile operating systems are the same, and while some of them have similar features, none have had the same impact on developers as the explosive success of Android. This is due largely in part to the Google Play Store

Chrome OS meanwhile has had far fewer tools to work with in enticing new developers to their insanely popular Chromebooks which were the top selling notebooks on Amazon, due to their stability and affordability.

Somewhere in the middle, tablet makers have hoped for more laptop-style features, while laptop users are often circumnavigating the lackluster app markets, in favor of more traditional computer programs, some of which are quite similar to their app-style counterparts.

Enter the Android apps beta

In one of the more anticipated moves, Chrome OS brought the Android app market to their signature notebooks to mixed reviews, as some users complained of poor execution. The Android app feature is still in Beta, and users hope for -- among other things -- better resolution, better performance, and some tools to get around the non-touch screen issue plaguing more traditional users.

It is logical to assume that a beta will not be perfect.

Considering the task encompasses an attempt to be compatible with literally everything in the app store, it will probably be a while before it's perfect. On the opposite extreme, tablet users are looking for more ways to integrate more desktop-like features into their tablet experience. Many of those modifications require rooting the device, which prevents it from being a perfect solution.

While no one tool offers the perfect solution, we can perhaps take some comfort in the knowledge that it probably won't be long before Google Chrome users can play the next "Angry Birds" with a mouse.