Mercedes Benz has a new driver to replace Nico Rosberg, who retired from F1 five days after becoming world champion. He is Valtteri Bottas (27), who belonged to the Williams team and did not hesitate to move to Mercedes Benz, as this is a great chance for his sports career. Bottas signed a one-year contract, with the option open for an extension. The German team chose the Finnish driver for several reasons: he is fast, humble, and modest. He also shares the same passion and values as Mercedes Benz.

Lewis Hamilton

Bottas respects Lewis Hamilton (32) as a person and as a driver, and believes that they will be a strong pair for the next season .

When the press asked Hamilton how his future teammate had to be, he replied that he should be fast and talented, as the British driver only wants the best for Mercedes Benz. Hamilton has been F1 champion three times and last year was about to get his fourth world title. He trusts that this year, he will be crowned champion again.

F1 is American

Formula 1 has been an American brand since September 2016, when Liberty Media bought it for 8 billion dollars. The big challenge is to make F1 an attractive sport for the American people. The mass media company knows that NASCAR is the favorite motorsport in the U.S, so Liberty Media will do everything possible to make F1 popular in this country. The only driver known to Americans is Lewis Hamilton, since he comes here very often and has famous friends like Kanye West (39), Pharrell Williams (43), Kris Jenner (61) and the Kardashian sisters.

F1 2017 promises to be impressive, as Hamilton will want to get his fourth title, and will do his best to get it. The Ferrari, Red Bull, and McLaren teams will also be very competitive this season. F1 is not popular in the United States yet. In the rest of the world, the situation is different, since each race is followed by millions of people on television. The drivers are very famous, and every detail of their life is followed by their fans on social media.