While "Madden 17" launched back in August of 2016, it is going to be free for anyone who is an EA Access subscriber by the end of this week. The game is going to land in the vault on February 24 which of course means that anyone who has access to that vault will be able to play the entire game on that date. That's good news for anyone who may have held off on buying the title for any reason. Maybe they want to play the entire 2017 season over. Maybe they'd like to get a jump on the 2018 season. All the features will be accessible to EA Access members as if they had gone out and purchased the full copy at their local Best Buy, only they're getting even better than Black Friday deals.

Replay the Super Bowl in 'Madden 17'

If you happen to be an Atlanta Falcon fan, you're probably still smarting at the way the Super Bowl went down. Now you can take control of Matty Ice in "Madden 17" and have him continue to pile on the points after his team took the lead against the Patriots. Maybe you want Tom Brady to have a Hall of Fame worthy game without the impressive comeback. Maybe you want to see if the Pats can win the Super Bowl with someone else behind center. You can do all of this and more in the newest version of the long-running title. You can even take a team of nothing but rookies to the playoffs if you're good enough.

Good news about Origin Access as well

While "Madden 17" coming to the EA Access vault is good news for those who are playing games on the Xbox One, there is good news for EA fans who are playing on the PC as well.

Gamesbeat has announced Origin Access is finally going to be offering the same kind of payment features EA Access has been offering almost from the very beginning according to GamesBeat. While games like "Madden 17" isn't going to be available in this PC program, there will be the ability to save some cash and pay for a year subscription instead of constantly going month to month. The yearly subscription to Origin Access will cost $30. "Madden 17" lands in the EA Access vault on February 24.