Officials from Apple announced on Thursday, 23rd February 2017, that in the latest iOS 10.2.1, they have fixed the unexpected shutdown problems that users faced with iPhone 6 and Iphone 6S.

Battery bug with Apple iPhone 6 and 6s

In the last few months, many users have reported an annoying battery bug that forced their iPhone to shut down even when there was more than 30% battery life remaining. But, until recently, Apple was not too keen to accept it as a bug. However, they finally confirmed that many iPhones that contained older batteries were experiencing unexpected shutdowns.

Approximately half of users already upgraded to iOS 10.2.1

According to the press release published by Apple, they have fixed the annoying problem with their latest release back in last January.

The fix is already in your iPhone if you have updated to the latest iOS version. Recent surveys show that more than 50% of users in America have already upgraded to the new software.

According to the statistics available from Apple, the smartphone giant informed that with this fix, they have seen around an 80% reduction in shutdown problems in iPhone 6s and a 70% reduction in iPhone 6.

iPhone 7 is not experiencing such shutdown problems caused by a battery issue.

Restart iPhone without connecting to power

According to a comment provided by the Apple officials, with the iOS 10.2.1 upgrade, Apple has also added the ability for the users to restart their iPhone without connecting to power, in case they face shutdown problems. They further added that these unexpected shutdowns of iPhones are not a safety issue.

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but, are a serious inconvenience. Apple has been working seriously to provide a fix. Apple officials also requested users to contact AppleCare if they have faced unexpected shutdowns with their iPhone 6 and 6s.

Earlier, if an iPhone shutdown unexpectedly, then the user had to connect the iPhone to power in order to reboot it. Apple has already started replacing old batteries in iPhone 6s that are causing this unexpected shutdown. It was reported that during the manufacturing, the batteries were exposed to ambient air and this is what caused the problem.

The issues with iPhone came into the picture last year. Apple has offered discounted rates for replacement batteries of iPhone 6S since they believe the problem is only for 6S models. But many iPhone 6 users reported that they also faced similar problems. Now, with this latest update of iOS 10.2.1, Apple is expecting to solve the problem of unexpected shutdown for a majority of its customers.