The Nintendo Switch is due to launch in just a few weeks and those of you lucky enough to get a preorder in are likely lamenting the rather sparse launch lineup. While there aren't going to be a ton of games made available when the newest console officially hits store shelves, it appears the game library is going to be growing steadily after launch. One developer after another have confirmed they are working on games and "Hotline Miami" developer Devolver Digital is the latest to tease a new project.

Devolver's Nintendo Switch game to be revealed at GDC

Devolver Digital chose to tease the fact they are working on a new project by tweeting out the news on its official account on Sunday. There wasn't a great deal of detail about what type of game would be landing on the Nintendo Switch, but the company did at least let us know when we can expect an official reveal. The official tweet read, "Our first Switch game is coming, hopefully later this year! More news during GDC...exciting!"

The good news is, we won't have to wait long to see what Devolver Digital has up its sleeves.

This year's Game Developer's Conference (GDC for short) kicks off on February 27. Now the big question is what in the world the firm is tailoring to the Nintendo Switch.

Is Devolver a fit for the Nintendo Switch?

One of the most interesting things about the announcement is that Devolver Digital has a definite style when it comes to its games. That style is one of ultraviolence and blood. One of the things Nintendo has done in the last few years is the console that is geared more towards younger children.

One has to wonder whether the company is going to change its approach with the Switch.

Games like "Hotline Miami", "Broforce", and "Not a Hero" all revel in blood and gore, even if that blood and gore is mostly in a 16-bit look. On the other hand, all of those games are well suited for mobile platforms, and it's clear the Nintendo Switch wants to make sure and have a good handle in that genre. Whatever the game is, we'll get a full reveal in about a week.

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