“Civilization VI” has finally released their first downloadable "Civilization" since the game's release. "Civilization" has never been shy about releasing downloadable content for previous games, with updates for Civilization V that included groups like Native American pack, but the newest update to “Civilization VI” is uniquely special. The new update from Firaxis Games, the developer of “Civilization VI” adds a suite of development tools and the Steam Workshop Uploader. The Steam Workshop Uploader allows players to access and share mods created by the Steam community.

Go out into the outback

“Civilization VI” also added a large pack of game assets, including models and textures, but the real highlight of the update is the long awaited Australia civ.

Legendary prime minister John Curtin is the leader for the new civilization, with the addition of the new Outback Tycoon scenario. The addition of Australia to “Civilization VI” provides a civilization who can make optimal use of coastal territory and attractive land as well, which classic civilization players will know is a huge asset.

Why Australia?

“We often look to the "Civilization" community to help us identify cultures that might be interesting to include, and ones that fulfill a game play role as well,” said Firaxis producer Pete Murray. “For this DLC, we were looking to create a civilization that had the ability to make optimal use of coastal territory and attractive land, and Australia felt like it was an interesting choice. Australia has also been a civilization that players have requested frequently in the past.

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With our True Start Location Earth Map, Australia fills a noticeable geographic gap and their civilization bonuses work well with the beautiful (but arid!) continent.”

Who is John Curtin?

John Curtin, the 14th Prime Minister of Australia, is considered to be one of Australia's greatest leaders of all time. He was in office as Prime Minister from 1941 to 1945 and he died in office near the end of the Pacific war. Curtin is famous for leading Australia under the threat of Japanese attack during World War II and his legacy consists of a widow's pension, maternity benefits, social reforms, and a slew of other prestigious accomplishments.

Finally, we get mod support!

With the new mod support and a brand new civilization to dig into, "Civilization VI" is attempting to finally expand on their base game. The Australia downloadable content is a great start to flushing out an already great game and compliments the other civilizations quite well in multiplayer.

More civilizations to come?

However, it is unclear what civ we will see added to the game next, or how long until we receive more leaders for our adventures.

In the meantime, players can utilize the new mod support to help make their games more interesting with a variety of content from Steam. Keep on the lookout for more downloadable content coming to "Civilization VI" in the next few months. Firaxis have not confirmed any future downloadable civs, but players are largely requesting a return of the Native American pack from "Civilization V." The Australia downloadable content pack marks the first civilization to be released for the game since the day one release of the Aztec civ.