This is the time of year where many smartphones begin being showcased, and people are ready to see what these respective companies have in store for this upcoming year. Samsung, which is arguably the biggest electronics brand in the world, has to make up for the disastrous Galaxy Note 7 rollout, with those phones blowing up left and right. Samsung seems to have a big year planned and we finally get a look at one of their best selling flagships, the Galaxy S8. From the looks of the leaked photos, the Galaxy S8 is looking to be a dominant phone, leaving in the dust all of its' competitors and making sure nobody will remember that dreadful Note 7.

Bezel, what bezel?

If these renderings being leaked are real, the S8 is coming packed with a lot of screen. The S8 has virtually no bezels, leaving room at the top and bottom for the cameras and iris scanner(fancy right), and for their usual Samsung logo along the bottom. With smaller bezels you know what that means, yes the home button is gone. Samsung's trademark oval-like home button is now gone leaving more room for the screen. Many people will appreciate this move, but some people like having a physical home button to press sometimes (like me). The better question to ask is if the home button is gone, where will the fingerprint scanner be? Glad you asked. From what rumors are saying, it sounds like the fingerprint scanner will be inside the phone under the display.

That would be surprisingly cool, so I want to see how that concept will actually be incorporated into the phone. According to some rumors, its reported that the S8 will have a 5.1 and a 5.5 inch super AMOLED display. Basically, the picture on that phone will be amazing. I'm pretty sure that Samsung will continue the edge series, which could result in even more screen for users.

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Could one person possibly use all that screen? Yes, yes they can.

Big screen, bigger specs

What makes a phone like the rumored S8 more hyped up?

The list of specs that are mind-boggling. The Galaxy S8 is looking to be a phone with a lot going on so let me take you through the rumored specs so far.

  • It's expected to run Android 7.1 Nougat, the newest android software.
  • It's also rumored to have 6 GB of RAM, which means multi-tasking galore, as you can run multiple apps without your phone slowing in speed.
  • The S8 will be running on Snapdragon's 835 chip, or Samsung's own Exons 8895 chip set powering your S8, but it depends on what region your are in.
  • The base model will hold up to 64 GB of storage. There are rumors of having 128 GB and even 250 GB storage space which you can't even fathom. Also, the S8 could be running the hybrid card slot, making you able to use microSD cards or Samsung's UFS memory card.
  • Rumors say the S8 would have an IP68 rating, making it water and dust resistant.
  • Say goodbye to the headphone jack. Sources claim that the S8 will move from the 3.5mm jack and use USB Type-C.
  • If Snapdragon's 835 chip is in the phone you'd have Qualcomm quick charge 4, giving five hours of battery life in just a five-minute charge!
  • Samsung is working on its own AI and it might come to the S8.

When will you see the real thing?

Now all these rumors are good and well, but when will we be able to actually see this hyped up phone?

Usually, Samsung launches it whenever the Mobile World Conference takes place, this year taking place on February 26. That's the most logical date, but rumors claim Samsung might be pushing back the launch until sometime in April, giving them extra time to get out the kinks so the S8 won't be like the Note 7, a time bomb. I can't be mad at that, because I'd rather wait longer for an awesome than be packing up my fried phone and sending it back. The S8 has to be a thought in every tech person's mind and with the rumors swirling, who isn't excited? Will you be putting pennies in your piggybank in preparation for this phone? (you'll need to save more than pennies though). Will the phone be worth it? We will only know in due time, tech fans.