Apple plans on increasing its production in the USA, one of the pleas of the elected Aamerican president, Donald Trump. But, according to documents sent by the country's government this Monday (9), iPhones and iPads won't be part of the amplification of the production; the company's objective is to build data servers.

Apple's plans were shown in a document sent by the Economic Development of Mesa, Arizona, to the USA government. The city holds a special zone, in which it confers smaller taxes on importation and exportation to enterprises that install themselves there.

One of them is Apple, which already produces components for its computers in the region.

Products coming back home

Apple's request, submitted to the city on December 27th, consists in the amplification of the customs benefits to other raw material, destinated to the montage of the data centers. The list has almost 80 items, among them transistors, semiconductors and electrical connectors.The USA government, companies and other interested ones can make comments to the proposal until February 21st.

The production of Apple's products became subject of Trump's campaign. Then the candidate promised to increase jobs. He said that the USA would stop losing companies and jobs to China and Mexico. He even threated to penalize companies that would want to leave the country: one of the main threats was to increase taxes for those who did it or for those who do not employ mainly americans.

He even affirmed wanting to "obligate" Apple to fabricate its products in the United States.

Trump to Cook

In an interview with the New York Times journal, he said that he told Tim Cook, Apple's executive-president, that it would be a great achievement if the company would make its products in the United States.

"I said, 'Tim, you know that one of the things that would be a big achievement for me is when I get to make Apple to build a big plant in the United States, or a lot of big plants in the United States, where, instead of going to China, Vietnam or other places where you go, you would be making your products here", Trump commented.

Apple produces their iPhones and iPads in Foxconn's factories, that have plants in China and Brazil. The company also fabricates the majority of Macs Pro and part of the iMacs in America.