According to some new intel, coming out of the Washington Post news camp, the very well-known Honda corporation, currently has a schedule in place to feature a very interesting car that they've been working on, called the NeuV. It's supposed to feature artificial intelligence technology and be able to feel emotions and stuff. I guess that means you can hurt its feelings if you kick it when you're angry. Don't ever kick this car.

We're going to see this thing in action

No, seriously. It's sounds pretty neat. The big reveal is set to go down at the big International Consumer Electronics Show, next month, which of course, falls on January 2017.

They didn't give us an exact day, so right now, we can just say it'll be in January. They made a little joke that I thought was pretty cute, saying that you'll either love or hate this car, and that it'll be able to hate or love you too.

They went on to elaborate that the car is going to be able to determine what the driver is feeling when they hit the road, and will then be able to start to develop its own feelings. Honda has yet to let anyone know just exactly how this crazy technology will work, or if it'll alter the way the driver operates the car.

Conversations could be had

Right now, this is just a concept project, and it's being presented as an automated electric vehicle with the ability to start feeling.

Honda reportedly, teamed up with a Japanese telecommunications firm, named SoftBank, earlier this year, and the two companies then came up with this new artificial tech idea. They went on to reveal that the car will also be able to have conversations with the owner, and determine how he or she is feeling.

It could be a partner

Honda described that this car will be able to grow up with the driver, like a child's mind grows and expands. It will share in the emotional experiences that happen on a day to day basis, and eventually cause the driver to feel like they are partners on their daily travel adventures, which could cause a strong, sentimental bond to form, or not.

Who knows?

We don't know if you can ever buy it yet

As of right now, there hasn't been any verification of when or if the NeuV car will actually be sold to the general public, because it looks like they are just really focused on this showcase that's taking place ,next month, and how everyone reacts to it. Right now, they've just got this lame, boxy design. Hopefully, that'll quickly change if they decide to go ahead and launch these things. Stay tuned, and make sure you share this article with all your social media pals.