When Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady announced his retirement, one of those who were shocked and saddened by the move was pass rusher Shaq Barrett. Barrett had to go through the same situation during his time with the Denver Broncos when Peyton Manning announced his retirement after winning a second Super Bowl ring. “I’ve been in situations with the Broncos where we had a main guy and then when he’s gone, we’re trying to fill the void,” said Barrett.

The season after Manning retired, the Broncos still had a winning season at 9-7, but in this case, Barrett said: “I just wasn’t ready for life without Tom yet.” So when Brady announced his return after a 41-day retirement, Barrett was very thankful.

“So when I got the news I was just excited,” said Barrett, who said that while the team still has good quarterbacks, the Buccaneers need Brady so they can capture their second Super Bowl title in three seasons. If this would be Brady’s last season, Barrett is hoping that they could send him "out on the highest note possible" by putting the work in now. “If it is his last ride I’m going to make sure I do everything I can to send him out on top of the mountain,” said Barrett, who has served as one of the key players on defense for the Buccaneers.

Brady, for his part, recently signed a 10-year deal worth $375 million with Fox Sports to become its No. 1 analyst when he ends his playing career. Many predicted Brady will excel in his new endeavor, especially Hall of Fame quarterback and now ESPN analyst Troy Aikman.

In his first season with the Buccaneers, Brady led the team to its first Super Bowl title since 2002 with a 31-9 win over the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LV. The Buccaneers made it to the playoffs the next year but they lost to the Los Angeles Rams in the NFC Divisional Round. Days after the loss, Brady announced his retirement.

Olsen okay to be replaced by Brady

While waiting for Brady to retire and join the booth, Fox Sports has promoted Greg Olsen to the No. 1 team together with Kevin Burkhardt. In his first year as analyst, Olsen was part of Fox Sports’ No. 2 broadcast team last season, but now he has a chance to call a Super Bowl game with the departure of Joe Buck and Aikman to ESPN.

However, Olsen’s position is only temporary as he will be replaced by Brady when he decides to retire. Olsen said he’s okay with the situation, saying he will enjoy his time in the sun and keep his seat warm until Brady takes it. “But yeah, if you’re going to lose, at least lose to him,” he said. The one-year exposure for Olsen will give him enough time to take another high-profile and high paying broadcasting gig once Brady takes over his spot. "I can at least live with the only person in the world who beat me out was Tom Brady," Olsen said, adding: "I can live with that."