Quarterback Tom Brady is using for trademarks on items ranging from meal kits to deodorants. Per Bloomberg, Brady submitted 26 applications before the US Patent and Trademark Office in early March through the company that holds his brand. Bloomberg said Brady’s applications are related to food delivery, bottled water, protein bars, restaurants, and retail boutiques. Based on the report, the 44-year-old Brady also wants to use his name in skincare, candles, eyewear, furniture, and gym equipment.

According to trademark lawyer Josh Gerber, Brady’s move shows that he may license his name out to other businesses because the 26 filings were too large even for a big company.

“He is going to leverage the value in his name and his brand as much as possible,” Gerben said, adding that the value attached to Brady’s name is “extraordinarily significant” considering his achievements in his 22-year stint in the NFL – 20 with the New England Patriots and two with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. When he retired last month, Brady said he planned to focus on his various businesses, including his own apparel brand and TB12 Sports. But there’s a possibility that Brady could return to the NFL as he recently declared that he would never say never to a possible comeback. There were also reports that Brady could be a minority owner of the Miami Dolphins.

Brady keeps himself hydrated

Broadcaster Rich Eisen of “The Rich Eisen Show” recently placed a “TB12 Heat Check” on his show where he measures the possibility of the quarterback returning to the NFL from 0 to 12.

Eisen first gave the heat check meter a “7” after he was informed by a source that Brady still follows his rigid fitness and diet program under the TB12 Method. Turns out NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport also received the same information, which he revealed on “The Rich Eisen Show," per CBS Sports. Rapoport said Brady still walks around with the big jug of water that he usually brought during practices and media appearances to make sure that he’s fully hydrated.

Aside from that, Rapoport said that Brady still eats well and still follows the TB12 method. The source told Rapoport that Brady is still doing it in case he wants to return to the NFL. “I don’t know where the level of possible is. But it is at least possible,” Rapoport said on the likelihood that Brady would make a comeback.

Rapoport also tackled rumors that Brady plans to play for his hometown squad, the San Francisco 49ers, if he decides to return. “I’ve had no one tell me that he actually wants to play for San Fran,” said Rapoport. Brady currently has one year left in his contract with the Buccaneers.