The health and wellness company co-founded by quarterback Tom Brady has opened in Philadelphia, per NBC Sports. According to NBC Sports, TB12 has opened its Philadelphia branch in partnership with the Vincera Institute, a specialty medical center that focuses on core health and treating core injuries. The new TB12 branch is located at Vincera Institute's Navy Yard medical office in South Philadelphia, where TB12 body coaches will serve clients who are in need of health and wellness assistance. The 44-year-old Brady announced the opening of TB12’s Philadelphia branch on his Instagram story, with a special mention to all his fans in the city.

In the caption of his announcement, Brady said “for all my Philly fans” and followed it with tears of joy emoji. In his 22-year career, Brady has a 7-2 record against the Eagles, but he lost to them in Super Bowl LII, per Stat Muse. In nine games against the Eagles, Brady threw for 2,833 yards and 19 touchdowns with three interceptions. Last season, Brady led the Buccaneers to a 31-15 win over the Eagles.

Brady recently announced his retirement after 20 years with the New England Patriots and two with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He won six Super Bowl titles in New England and added one during his short stint in Tampa after leading the Buccaneers to a 31-9 triumph over the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LV.

But there’s a possibility that Brady could return to football after declaring that he would never say never to a likelihood of a comeback. Brady still has one year left in his contract with the Buccaneers, who believe that the seven-time Super Bowl champion will play for them in case he decides to return. Several players and analysts also believe that Brady will make a comeback after a season or two.

Rich Eisen creates ‘TB12 Heat Check’

With the possibility of Brady returning to the NFL still alive, broadcaster and radio host Rich Eisen has created a segment on “The Rich Eisen Show” called “TB12 Heat Check” where he measures the possibility of the quarterback returning to the NFL from 0 to 12, per Sports Illustrated. On the initial airing of the segment, Eisen put the heat check on Brady at 7, based on what he has heard so far from various sources.

Eisen said he was told a source that Brady still follows his rigid fitness and diet program under the TB12 Method. While there’s a possibility that Brady might be dieting and just treating his body right, Eisen said that some people close to the quarterback said that might be an indication that he could make a comeback. Last season, Brady led the league in passing yards, passing touchdowns and completions, but he failed to lead the Buccaneers to a second straight Super Bowl title after they lost to the eventual Super Bowl champions Los Angeles Rams in the NFC Divisional Round.