Veteran broadcaster Jim Gray is known to be close to quarterback Tom Brady, even working with the signal-caller on writing a book. Gray has also interviewed Brady countless times and he’s also the co-host of the quarterback’s "Let’s Go" podcast. So when it comes to anything about Brady, Gray should be the guy to turn to as he has worked closely with the quarterback for several years already. Gray was the one who asked Brady if he would return to the NFL given the opportunity, to which the quarterback answered he would “never say never” to a potential comeback.

In an interview with the Dan Patrick Show, Gray talked about Brady’s decision to leave the NFL after 22 seasons in the league. When asked if he believes if the retirement of 44-year-old Brady is real, Gray replied “I do, I do.” But Gray clarified that he doesn’t know if and when the urge to come back to the NFL will hit Brady.

“So I think he answered the question to the best of his ability and really honestly when he said, ‘Never say never,’” said Gray, who also speculated that Brady’s retirement decision might be a reaction to the moment after he and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost to the Los Angeles Rams, 30-27, in the NFC Divisional Round. “It’s more of an emotional thing, perhaps,” Gray said, adding that Brady would turn 45 next season, and maybe he doesn’t want to get pounced on by defensive players Von Miller and Aaron Donald.

Brady can come back to the Buccaneers next season as he still has one year left in his contract with the team. Brady played 20 years with the New England Patriots and two with the Buccaneers, winning a total of seven Super Bowl rings.

Arians speaks about possible Brady comeback

Before Brady announced his retirement, Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians said he would be shocked if the quarterback retires.

Now, Arians has changed his tune during an interview with Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times. When asked about the possibility of Brady coming out of retirement and returning to the Buccaneers, Arians said that move would shock him. “That would shock me,’’ Arians said, adding that usually Brady informs him ahead of time before the team plans its free-agency moves.

“That’s why I don’t see it happening,” said Arians. The Buccaneers could eye a veteran quarterback in the free-agent market or make a trade for Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks. But Hall of Famer and former Buccaneer Warren Sapp advised the squad to talk to Brady first before making a move in free agency. According to Sapp, the Buccaneers don’t want to end up with two starting quarterbacks and they would be forced to trade Brady. Earlier, Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk raised the possibility of Brady joining his hometown team, the San Francisco 49ers.