Before the Tampa Bay Buccaneers faced division rival New Orleans Saints on Sunday, ESPN’s “Get Up” analysts discussed if this season is the best year quarterback Tom Brady has had in his career. As of this writing, the 44-year-old Brady is 2nd in the NFL in touchdown passes with 21, completion with 203 and third in passing yards with 2,275, per Stat Muse. In their latest win over the Chicago Bears, Brady threw for 211 yards and four touchdown passes. For “Get Up” analysts Domonique Foxworth, Marcus Spears and Jeff Saturday, this is the best season Brady has played in his 22-year NFL career as he tries to lead the Buccaneers to back-to-back Super Bowl victories.

“My knee-jerk reaction is no, but then I started thinking about it like he’s doing everything better than he did before. He’s more accurate, he’s more athletic than he was before. He’s making better decisions than he ever has before,” Foxworth said during the show, per transcription of the show’s YouTube video. “Granted that he’s surrounded by a better offense that he’s had for most of his career so some of that is part of this. But he’s playing as well as we’ve ever seen anybody play this game at 44 years old, like it’s mind blowing,” he added.

Spears lauds Brady’s positive effect on teammates

For Spears, Brady is currently the Most Valuable Player of the league with the way he’s playing. “We probably living in something we might not ever see again our lifetime.

I’m not talking about Super Bowls, I’m talking about the high level of play at 44,” said Spears. Despite the game getting faster, Spears said Brady remains standing in the pocket, throwing the ball around the yard like it’s seven on seven. “The greatest thing about Tom Brady since he’s been in Tampa is the effect he has on guys,” said Spears, adding Brady could help some of his teammates earn their gold jacket in Canton, like wide receiver Mike Evans.

Spears said the Buccaneers also never heard any complain from other players regarding lack of targets or lack of carries since Brady came to Tampa. Dan Graziano, for his part, said Brady has helped the Buccaneers changed the way they felt about themselves, while Saturday said Brady, in his mind, is MVP. “This guy changes the culture of this organization, not just offense,” said Saturday.

Brady has message for Noah

In the latter part of their rout of the Bears, Brady had a touching moment with a fan, who was carrying a sign “Tom Brady helped me beat brain cancer.” The fan, 9-year-old Noah Reeb, received an inspiring video message from Brady while he was undergoing treatment for brain cancer. In an interview, Noah’s parents thanked Brady for helping and inspiring their son in his ordeal.

Brady, for his part, posted a touching tweet to pay tribune to Reeb, thanking him for his inspiration, per Zach Coons of Sports Illustrated. “We can all learn so much from you. You may not know it, but so many people in the world admire you for your courage and bravery and how you’ve dealt with a really tough situation,” said Brady.