Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady had a touching moment with a young cancer survivor on the sideline during the dying minutes of their 38-3 win over the Chicago Bears in Week 7 at Raymond James Stadium. The 44-year-old Brady went over to 10-year-old Buccaneers fan Noah Reeb, holding a sign that read "Tom Brady helped me beat brain cancer," and handed his Crucial catch hat to the boy. The boy burst into tears after Brady approached him. On Tuesday, Noah talked about that experience during an interview on "Inside the NFL." "I didn't believe it.

It was crazy. I was so blessed and so grateful. ... As soon as he looked at me, I started crying," said Noah.

Brady sent the boy a video message

According to the boy's mother, Jacque, it turned out that Brady sent Noah a video message encouraging him to stay strong while he was in the middle of his cancer battle. The mother said they were having a rough time when they received a text containing Brady's video message for Noah. "I turned the phone over to Noah, and I said, 'Noah, look at my phone. Look at who this is.' And he was just floored. ... Tears were shed in the car," Jacque said. "And Tom Brady … you're the greatest. You just relit a big fire of courage in this little boy's cancer fight," she added.

Noah's father, James, said he thanked Brady during their brief sideline meeting. The father added that Brady's help really meant something to their family. "That was the relief that I got to tell him to thank you, and then it was all about Noah," he added. When he was informed about the child's reaction, Brady said, "that was really sweet", calling Noah "a tough kid".

Sunday's win was also a historic one for Brady as he breached the 600 passing touchdowns milestone. Brady threw for four touchdowns without an interception as the Buccaneers improved to an NFC South-best 6-1 record.

Gronkowski to add to the bounty of fan who caught Brady's ball

During that game, Brady almost lost the historic ball after wide receiver Mike Evans gave it to a fan in the stands.

Luckily for Brady, the fan Byron Kennedy returned the ball to the Buccaneers staff in exchange for some goods. It was reported that Kennedy would receive two signed jerseys and a signed helmet from Brady, a signed Mike Evans jersey and the wide receiver's game cleats. In addition, he will receive a $1,000 credit to the Buccaneers store and season tickets for the remainder of 2021 and all of the 2022 season. Brady also announced that he would give Kennedy a bitcoin worth around $63,000. But Kennedy will receive more as Buccaneers tight end Rob Gronkowski and WWE star Mojo Muhtadi promised to give him $30,000 worth of bitcoins, per TMZ Sports. It was reported that Gronkowski and Muhtadi would give Kennedy 690 coins worth about $44 each.