Ryan Braun was one of the most dominant players of his era in Major League Baseball. Originally, his main position was at third base. But shortly into his big league career, his main posting became in the outfield.

Braun would also be one of the most polarizing athletes of his era. Even having to win back trust from the organization he would spend his entire professional career with. And he finishes his career as one of its most high-profile names.

He says he will not return as a professional player

Ryan Braun has formally chosen to retire. Braun announced a video posted on the official Twitter account of the Milwaukee Brewers.

Perhaps, in retrospect, a symbol of the change in eras to come for the Brewers. Many moons before, the Brewers had drafted Braun as the fifth-overall selection from the University of Miami. It was the first draft selection by the team under the principal ownership of Mark Attanasio. East Coast native Attanasio has previously and since buying the Brewers had other business ties in Milwaukee. As well as elsewhere in Wisconsin, including Beloit, a longtime hub of support for the team.

After reaching the Major League level, Braun quickly made his presence known. For his first MLB season, he was named the National League Rookie of the Year. A slew of other awards and recognitions would follow in the ensuing years.

The most prestigious of which would be the National League Most Valuable Player Award in 2011.

But after that, things would start to go sideways for Braun. In some cases, it was of his own making, and in others, not so much. His being linked to performance-enhancing drugs would cause his reputation to take a major hit, including among the Brewers organization and its fans.

With time and community outreach, bonds would eventually begin to strengthen back up.

Injuries would also start to put a cap on much of Braun's productivity. In particular, problems with his back and with his right thumb.

Braun has called it a career with these things in consideration and with a growing family to tend to. The Brewers had declined a mutual option for the 2021 season but left the door open for his return.

For his part, Braun didn't sign with another team, but his playing status technically remained active. He'd hinted that he might re-join the team sometime during the regular season.

That would not come to pass. And, not to seem harsh, his absence hasn't been dwelled upon as much as might have been expected. Thus far, the Brewers have had an impressive 2021 campaign anyway.

Debates mounted on Braun's Hall of Fame prospects

As with other star athletes, discussions have already launched on the potential of entering his sport's Hall of Fame. Earlier on, the trajectory of his career clearly seemed headed in that direction.

An obvious question is how damaging the taint of PEDs might be on his chances.

Though as time goes on, that seems to be less of a disqualifier than it once was. But even without that, the drop in stats towards the end of his career might've dampened the possibility anyway.

There might be doubts as to his possible induction in the National Baseball Hall of Fame. But he does seem to be a lock for the Milwaukee Brewers Wall of Honor. Whereas members of the Hall of Fame are voted on, Wall of Honor members are based on objective criteria.