The Tokyo Olympics 2020 is off to a flying start, and it is now time for some real action. The Opening Ceremony did charm the global sports enthusiasts with its dazzling portrayal of the world’s passion for sports and entertainment. Now it is time for action in the field. Hopes reign high across all nations that have sent the athletes to the Japanese city. But the country that stays confident of finishing on top is indeed the United States, as always.

With more than 600 athletes holding aloft the U.S. flag looking to reap huge returns, the United States needs to be seen as ruling the winners’ podium from start to finish.

That doesn’t mean the nation wouldn’t have some tough competition in all categories.

The United States should own the final medal tally, or so the athletes and administrators would want to believe.

At the opening ceremony, when basketball player Sue Bird and baseball player Eddy Alvarez marched with their heads high for the United States, all eyes in the U.S. were on them. This march past was an honor for the whole nation, as all in the U.S. shores are expectedly looking forward to seeing a massive haul of medals soon.

The U.S. eyes huge medal haul in Tokyo

Going by what the pundits believe, the United States stands the chance of taking home the biggest medal haul of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. It may be recalled that the nation’s athletes did the U.S.

proud by reaping a record 121 medals, of them 46 gold, at the Rio Olympics in the year 2016.

A report that quoted Gracenote, a firm that provides statistical analysis to sports bodies worldwide, said that the U.S. is most likely to win the most medals. However, statisticians are worried over the number as the company has forecast a tad lower medal count at around 96.

Rio saw more awards flowing into the U.S. kitty. Expectations are that the United States’ athletes would bad about 40 gold, 27 silver, and 29 bronze medals.

That leaves us to ponder over where all the medals would be born for the United States. The most vital point this time around for the nation would be the gymnastics arena.

Adding to this would be the track and field strongmen and women and the bunch of swimmers. The basketball team would also work wonders on any given day.

Strong presence out there in the field

The presence of players like Simone Biles, Allyson Felix, Katie Ledecky, and more would indeed provide much ammunition for the United States to propel itself to a medal haul. With all 27 events, it would participate high up on the United States Olympics list, and it would be easy for the nation to yet again cement its dominance in the sporting horizon. However, a fighting spirit and committed performances from athletes of competing nations could script a different story. After all, it is all about grit, and hard work, out there in the sporting fields.