The Tokyo Olympics is starting to place nations with the best athletes on the winners' podium and, on the first day, cheers flowed in for athletes from the People's Republic of China in a big way.

Saturday's first two gold medals were bagged by Chinese athletes Yang Qian and Hou Zhihui, as they displayed record-breaking shows. The first two successes for China also meant that the Asian nation would be tough competition for the U.S. Olympic team as they look at Tokyo supremacy.

While Yang Qian bagged the first gold on Saturday by beating Russian shooter Anastasiia Galashina in the women's 10-meter air rifle competition, Hou Zhihui won gold in the women's 49 kg weightlifting bout with a new Olympic record, lifting 210 kg.

India, another Asian nation, saw success when weightlifter Mirabai Chanu won silver, lifting a total of 202 kg.

The overall medal leaders by Saturday evening were the People's Republic of China (4 medals), Japan (2), and Italy (2). Going by a Forbes report, the United States will look forward to a significant medals haul, and the chances are that the total tally for Team USA might be 128. China, however, is sure to pose a considerable challenge on that front.

Tokyo Olympics breastfeeding concern gets a quick fix

The Olympic Games are on in Tokyo, but specific concerns rising out of the coronavirus spread still pose a hassle amidst the cheer. Among them are breastfeeding mothers who have had to land in the Japanese city all alone to compete for the coveted medals.

Their children have been forced to stay back in their motherlands, causing many woes to the athlete-mothers.

A case discussed widely is the plight of a Spanish swimmer who had to leave her breastfeeding child at home to compete in Toyo for the medals. This athlete - Spanish synchronized swimmer Ona Carbonell – is constantly worried, as her one-year-old infant has been forced to stay away from her due to the rigid Olympic rules owing to the COVID-19 scare.

The media world over did bring this up for discussion, prompting the Olympic Games authorities to look at the seriousness of the issue. They have now set aside a specific block in the Olympic village where athletes can safely spend time breastfeeding their children. However, the children should stay in isolation all through the course of the games.

This initiative comes across as a welcome move. But then, the swimmer in question sees a tremendous amount of risk as she would have to get out of the Olympic Village to breastfeed her child, said an ESPN report. However, considering that the pre-set rules keep the coronavirus spread in check, the games officials are not blamed.

The authorities are reportedly discussing how to create a balance between delivering the safest, secure environment and meeting the special requests by the National Olympic Committees.

The current coronavirus situation is such that as many as 123 disclosed Covid-19 cases had been recorded officially. This situation also means that many athletes would give their competitions a miss and go back home.

Self-wearing of medals by winners

Meanwhile, out there on the Olympics field, a medal haul has begun. With the first of the lot bagged by the People's Republic of China, the count is now on. 21-year-old Yang Qian from the People's Republic of China won the first gold medal of the Games in the 10 m air rifle category.

But as opposed to earlier editions of the Games, the awards and bouquets are not presented. The COVID-19 countermeasures have made it imperative that the winners collect their medals from a tray and place it around their necks. The flowers, too, become theirs in the same fashion.