It was a lucky escape for Tiger Woods when he crashed his car in Los Angeles. LA County Sheriff's Department confirmed he was the sole occupant in the SUV and that his injuries are not life-threatening. He suffered serious injuries to both his legs and the rescuers shifted him to a hospital. It was difficult to extricate him from the wreckage. Firefighters used various equipment including an ax to ensure safe removal. Sheriff Alex Villanueva revealed at a news conference that the speed of the car was more than normal. The car apparently hit a curb and a tree before it rolled over several times and came to rest some distance away.

When first responders arrived at the scene, they found he was "alert and talking." However, both his legs were seriously injured. He was immediately rushed to a hospital where the authorities said his condition was "serious." Tiger Woods is currently undergoing surgery.

Sky News says the SUV was a 2021 model and remained in a good condition despite the impact. That provided a sort of cushion to Tiger Woods and prevented what might have been a more serious accident. Rescuers had to free him through the vehicle's windscreen by breaking the glass using an ax Sheriff Alex Villanueva said an investigation into the crash would be there but it could be a long-drawn-out process. He made a mention of frequent accidents on the particular stretch of road.

Those who use the road have to be extra cautious...

Tiger Woods had programs lined up

The golf maestro devoted some time Monday to Dwayne Wade. Sky News mentions the private golf lesson Tiger gave to Dwayne, the NBA legend. Golf is a game that requires full control of one's reflexes. The player who wields the club must have a totally fit body, have a tremendous power of concentration, and possess eyesight like that of an eagle.

Sky News adds that on Tuesday, he was to host celebrity lessons for a second day. In May 2020, Tiger Woods advised young golfers to control the amount of running they do. Gloom descended on the golf fraternity because of the accident. World number three Justin Thomas was shocked. He expressed his thoughts by saying: "You know, it hurts to see one of your...

now one of my closest friends get in an accident.”

Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods

Jack Nicklaus went to social media to express his concerns. Tiger wanted to overtake the record of 18 major titles held by Nicklaus. In February 2019, Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus played golf with Donald Trump in Mar-a-Lago. Incidentally, Sky News goes on to add that Tiger Woods has not participated in any game since December. That was the PNC Championship in Orlando. He had his son Charlie with him. The boy turned 12 earlier this month. Tiger had his fifth back surgery in late December. The accident has ruled out his participation in the Masters' Tournament in April.

Seatbelt and airbags saved Tiger Woods

According to Independent UK, the authorities say that the combination of airbags deployed inside the SUV and the seatbelt he wore saved Tiger Woods.

The car was a loan to the 45-year-old Woods for a week. The police say the renowned golfer is “fortunate to be alive” after the car crash in California. He was conscious but suffered serious injuries to both legs. A person who lives near the accident spot called 911 and informed the police about the incident. Sheriff Alex Villanueva told a press conference that there was “no evidence of impairment” from drugs or alcohol at the crash site. He added investigation would bring out more details. The road is on a slope and there is a curve. Hence, drivers have to be cautious. The golf legend had plans to tape a couple of “teaching lessons” at a country club with NFL quarterbacks Drew Brees and Justin Herbert when the accident happened. That might have to wait until he recovers.