Before their Wild Card Game on Saturday, Washington Football Team rookie defensive end Chase Young made headlines when he called out Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady after their 20-14 win over the Philadelphia Eagles that clinched them the NFC East title. While Brady downplayed Young’s statement, Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians warned the rookie defensive end that he should be “careful what you wish for.” Washington Football Team head coach Ron Rivera, for his part, said Young was just excited to meet Brady.

Brady did his talking on the field on Saturday as he led the Buccaneers to a 31-23 win over the Washington Football Team and a spot in the Divisional Round.

In that game, the 43-year-old Brady completed 22 of 40 passes for 381 yards and two scores as the Buccaneers reached the Divisional Round for the first time since their Super Bowl run in the 2002 season. Young, for his part, had a hard time against the Buccaneers’ offensive line as he did not tally a sack on Brady. Young finished the game with just two quarterback pressures as he failed to accomplish his dream of recording a sack against the greatest of all time (GOAT).

Young lauds Brady

But Young had a chance to talk to Brady after the game, and that was the topic of the rookie defensive end’s conversation with the media during his Sunday’s exit interview. “I just told him, you know you’re an inspiration, and thanks for everything you did for the game,” said Young.

According to Young, great players such as Brady serve as his inspiration to keep working. “Great players motivate me to be the best,” said Young, per the transcription of the interview posted on YouTube by the team.

Brady compliments Young

Following the game, Brady posted on his Instagram story a compliment on Young by sharing a photo of them talking after the game and accompanied it with the caption “Bright Future” with two 100 percent emojis.

Young, for his part, shared Brady’s post on his Instagram story and accompanied it with a raised fist emoji and prayer emoji, as posted by JP Finlay of NBC Sports on his Twitter account. Young, the No. 2 overall pick of the Washington Football Team, finished his rookie year with 7.5 sacks, 32 tackles, and four forced fumbles, per Julius Long of Yahoo Sports.

Brady has a message for fans after the win

In a video that he posted on Twitter, Brady issued a message to Buccaneers fans following their win over the Washington Football Team. “It’s the middle of January, and we’re still working. We’re still here,” Brady said. “Round Two next. Who do you guys want us to play? I think I know”, per a report by Matt Hladik of The Spun. The Buccaneers will take on a still undetermined opponent on Sunday, depending on the outcome of the New Orleans Saints-Chicago Bears showdown. If the Saints win, the Buccaneers will go to New Orleans for a third clash against Drew Brees. If the Bears win, the Buccaneers will host the Los Angeles Rams at Raymond James Stadium.