Washington Football Team rookie defensive end Chase Young became the center of attention when he called out Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady ahead of their Wild Card Game last week. The ever-humble Brady took it in stride, instead of calling the rookie defensive end that was taken by the Washington Football Team as 2nd overall in the 2020 NFL Draft a “great young player.” Young did not sack Brady the entire game, but he had a chance to talk to the veteran quarterback during and after the game. The Buccaneers posted on their Twitter account several videos of a mic’d up Brady where two of his conversations with Young were picked up, per Nick Goss of NBC Sports.

In the first video, Young was seen approaching Brady and heard telling him "you know it's all respect”, to which the veteran quarterback replied, "Oh, you too, baby, you too." "It's all love. You know I love to play the game,” Young further said. "It's all good. I know,” replied Brady, who completed 22 of 40 passes for 381 yards and two scores as the Buccaneers beat the Washington Football Team to reach the Divisional Round where they will face division rival New Orleans Saints on the road on Sunday.

Brady praises Young after win

After the game, Brady commended Young, saying “Hey, Chase. Way to play, bro”, to which the rookie defensive end replied, “I appreciate you.” Young then said “You the real GOAT. I need something from you, though.” When Brady asked him what he needs, Young replied “I need this off of you”, referring to the quarterback’s jersey.

“I’ll get it to you. I’ll send it to you,” Brady told Young, adding “All right, man. Good luck to you.” Brady is known to be a man of his word as he has shipped jerseys to many players who asked for his threads.

Buccaneer's underdog vs Saints

Owing to their two wins over the Buccaneers in the regular season, the Saints have been installed as a three-point favorite over Tampa Bay, per a report by Johnny Parlay of USA Today.

In his career, Brady has a 5-3 record against Saints quarterback Drew Brees, who won his first two meetings against Brady as a member of the then-San Diego Chargers. Brady then went 3-1 against Brees when he joined the Saints to tie their series record to 3-3, per Dave Green of NBC Sports. However, Brees got the better of Brady this season when they became NFC South rivals as the Saints completed a series sweep of the Buccaneers in the regular season. However, former NFL quarterback and current football analyst Michael Vick said it would be different this time as the Buccaneers are firing on all cylinders behind the ‘super high level’ play of Brady. Behind Brady’s outstanding performance, the Buccaneers swept their last four regular-season assignments to make it to the playoffs for the first time since their Super Bowl-winning season in 2002.