The Coronavirus has disrupted normal life in many countries as governments put safety measures in place to curb the spread of the virus. In the United States, the sporting calendar was running smoothly until early this month, when most leagues had to suspend or cancel their seasons. Fortunately for college football, the season had wrapped up in January with LSU winning the national championship game. However, the virus could still affect the teams’ preparations for next season. Spring training was canceled due to the virus, but teams hope to resume training by May.

In a recent interview, Nebraska coach Nick Frost talked about how he has been dealing with the setbacks caused by the coronavirus, reports 247 Sports.

There are bigger problems than football

During an appearance on the Husker’s Sports Network, Scott Frost acknowledged that football was the least of everyone’s concerns in the country. The Husker’s coach said the safety and wellbeing of all citizens was the most important priority during the ongoing crisis. Frost urged Nebraska’s citizens to care for those most vulnerable and likely to be affected by the coronavirus. He said that he and his coaching staff were looking for ways to assist the most susceptible members in their community.

Player safety and health are the number one concern

On matter football, Scott Frost revealed that he called a meeting before dismissing the players from spring training camp. The players and coaching staff observed social distancing rules during the meeting, and Frost gave the players some advice on how to handle themselves during their time away from the team.

“We spread everybody out to obey the social distancing orders and kind of gave our guys a tentative game plan. Things seem to be changing every 24 or 48 hours, but hopefully, at some point, we're going to get the guys back on campus. Their safety and health is our number one concern.” Frost also expressed his disappointment at having to cancel next month’s spring game but said that he did not mind sacrificing the game if it meant that there would be no further disruptions moving forward.

Nebraska Huskers' coach Scott Frost also said that he was concerned with where the fitness levels of most players will be once it is safe to resume football activities. Gyms remain closed due to the pandemic, and most players do not have standard work out amenities in their homes. However, Frost said the football world would deal with the situation just like everyone else.“We're frustrated and concerned, and anxious to get back to a normal state, but everybody's safety and well-being are most important, and we're dealing with it like everybody else." Stay tuned for more updates.