Gabe Nealy is among the top recruits in Florida for the 2021 class. The Nebraska Cornhuskers is doing its best to land the player so he can help fill its defensive ranks. Nealy already received an offer from the Huskers in the past months. But apart from that, not much is known about the Gulliver Prep recruit. In fact, 247Sports has not even ranked the player yet.

Will Gabe Nealy be with Nebraska Cornhuskers?

There is still no assurance right now if Gabe Nealy will commit to the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Nealy, who hails from Florida, seems to be a big target for the Nebraska Huskers.

If he does, he could prove to be a major addition to its 2021 class. It looks like Nealy also loves the Nebraska Huskers back. He has the Cornhuskers among his top choices. The player already has 15 offers in his arsenal. The Miami Hurricanes is also his favorite. He said it as much in December when the Canes gave him an offer. But with the right recruitment strategy, the Huskers still has a big chance.

2020 preview for Nebraska Huskers

The 2020 season could prove to be a make-or-break year for the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Scott Frost is facing a lot of pressure as the head coach of the Nebraska Huskers. Ever since 2001, the relevance of the team in the college football world has been fading. Frost, who is in his third year as head coach, is on a pressure cooker moment to display the effects of the reforms he did on the team.

At least, Frost registered an improvement in the 2019 season compared to his predecessor. The Huskers got a 5-7 record last year, which meant the team tied for fifth in the Big Ten’s West Division.

Former Huskers head coach Mike Riley had a disastrous season during his third season in 2017, registering a 4-8 record. It was this poor showing that led to the Huskers hiring Frost.

College football experts believe that Frost could lose the coaching job this year. The Huskers might have to achieve a bowl game in the season to make up for the team's weak performance in the past two years.

Fortunately, it looks like the Huskers' 2020 lineup has a lot of promise. The team will start its spring training sessions on Monday, March 09.

This will give the team 15 practice sessions to figure out how to best play next season. The Huskers hopes Adrian Martinez has recovered from his off-season surgery to deliver much-needed quarterback skills. There is also a question as to what role redshirt freshman Luke McCaffrey will have next season. Fans also pin a lot of hope on true freshman Alante Brown. The wide receiver could serve as an amazing asset for Nebraska. et us know what you think about Gabe Nealy, put your comment in the comment section. Stay tuned for more updates on collage football.