It was earlier reported by Ian Rapoport of NFL Media that the New England Patriots are willing to offer veteran quarterback Tom Brady a deal in excess of $30 million per season. With the start of free agency period on March 18 fast approaching, the Patriots have officially yet to make an offer to 42-year-old Brady. Adam Schefter of ESPN clarified that the Patriots cannot make a formal offer to Brady as they are still waiting on whether players will approve the latest collective bargaining agreement (CBA). However, in a series of tweets by Field Yates of ESPN, he emphasized that the ball is now in Brady’s court.

He said Brady should inform the Patriots what he wants, and not the other way around. Yates said the Patriots already made their offer to Brady last August when they were negotiating a contract extension. “In essence, the next step is Brady conveying what he wants in a new deal from the Patriots, not the other way around,” said Yates.

Brady reportedly wants guaranteed money

The Patriots signed Brady to a two-year contract extension last offseason, but they made the additional two years voidable to give the veteran quarterback a chance to test the free-agent market.

The Patriots even gave in to Brady’s request that the team should not use the franchise tag on him, giving him total freedom to do whatever he wants. Yates emphasized that Brady returning to the Patriots remains possible, but he should inform the team what he wants to stay for his 21st season in New England.

Earlier, it was reported that Brady wants a two-year commitment from the Patriots, in a form of a fully guaranteed deal for the 2020 season and some guaranteed money for 2021, per Jeff P.

Howe of The Athletic. However, Mike Giardi reported that Brady is not eyeing a deal worth $30 million a year, but he wants the Patriots to spend more on weapons on offense. Aside from the Patriots, several teams are reportedly waiting in the wings for Brady’s services, including the Los Angeles Chargers, Las Vegas Raiders, Tennessee Titans and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Kraft won’t meddle in Belichick’s decision

However, it will be all up to head coach Bill Belichick to decide on Brady’s fate with the team, according to Tom E. Curran of NBC Sports. Despite his repeated declarations that the Patriots want Brady to return, New England team owner Robert Kraft won’t influence Belichick in deciding on Brady’s future with the squad. Curran said Kraft allowed Brady to decide on his future when he gave in to his request not to use the franchise tag on him next season. “The owner is similarly committed to letting Belichick decide the football future of the team,” said Curran.