In 2013, Tokyo, Japan was selected to host the 2020 Summer Olympics. It would be the fourth time Japan has hosted an Olympic Games. The country also lost two Olympic Games because of World War II that the country was supposed to host.

Concerns have begun to arise over whether the 2020 games can still go ahead in Japan. This time, it's because of the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. The outbreak apparently began in China. But Japan has also been deeply impacted.

Speculation on whether or not the Olympics could be moved to a different country

Moving the site of an Olympic Games would be a daunting task, especially so close to when the games are supposed to begin.

Tokyo has had almost seven years to prepare for the event. A new host would have less than seven months.

It would probably have to be to a city that already has most if not all of the necessary venues in place. And most likely an area that has hosted the Summer Olympics before. At least one possibility has been put forward - London, England.

Shaun Bailey, a member of the London Assembly and candidate for mayor, has promoted the notion. He cited London's infrastructure and experience. And his idea has some support from his primary opponent, according to CBS. A spokesperson for incumbent Mayor Sadiq Khan said they would be willing to take on the 2020 Olympics. But they also said it was 'unlikely' that they would need to.

The idea also has political support outside of those from London. Tracey Crouch represents Chatham and Aylesford, located south of London, in the UK Parliament. She was also Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Sport under Prime Ministers David Cameron and Theresa May. Crouch said London hosting the Olympics would be 'perfectly possible with a touch of creative thinking.'

According to the Associated Press, Japanese virologist Hitoshi Oshitan indicated Japan could not currently host the games.

However, he expressed optimism that the country could be ready by the scheduled start date in July. Events including the Chinese Grand Prix and the Tokyo Marathon have already been affected.

It remains to be seen whether the 2020 Olympics remain in Japan or not. Either way, it marks the second consecutive Summer Olympics to be clouded by health concerns.

The 2016 games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil were marred by worries over the spread of the Zika virus.

London hosted the Olympics before

London has been the host of the Olympics on three previous occasions. The most recent was in 2012. If moving the 2020 games become necessary, London having so recently hosted would probably be an asset. Many of the venues used in 2012 could probably be ready to go on relatively short notice.

So far, only Summer Olympics have taken place in London. The city has not played host for an edition of the Winter Olympics. London also remains the only city in the United Kingdom to be the primary host of an Olympic Games.