Kirk Herbstreit issued an apology for several tweets and replies he posted in the aftermath of the semifinals of the College Football Playoffs. On his official Twitter account, the ESPN commentator wrote that he could have been classier in responding to people. He admitted that the way he responded to other Twitter users only made things worse. He promised to do better in the future.

The online ruckus started when Herbstreit blasted Buckeye fans for saying that ESPN is biased against Ohio State. In his tweet, he said that Ohio State delivers massive ratings for the sports network, which disproves the conspiracy theories.

He raised more eyebrows later that week when he said that the Big Ten conference “had something to prove.” He was referring to the bowl game participation of Wisconsin (Rose Bowl), Minnesota (Outback Bowl), and Michigan (Citrus Bowl).

Kirk Herbstreit on national championship game

Kirk Herbstreit thinks that the upcoming national championship game between LSU and Clemson University will be a memorable one.

He said that there is a chance for the scores in the Clemson-LSU standoff to go into the 40s. Given that both teams have an impressive track record in the season, there is a huge potential for them to reach that level.

He also thinks that Clemson is going into the game as the underdog.

LSU will have the home-court advantage so it will take a lot of factors for Clemson to deliver a win. LSU is also the SEC champion, which is known to be the most competitive conference.

Herbstreit on Urban Meyer's unconventional coaching

The ESPN commentator revealed the unusual manner by which former Ohio head coach Urban Meyer motivated his players.

During a conference call this week, the college football analyst got asked about the kind of motivation Clemson coach Dabo Swinney needs to improve his players’ performance. This is when he talked about Meyer’s coaching tactics.

According to Herbstreit, Meyer used to make up stories to make his team angry before games. Usually, this involves making up fake quotes in news articles, which he uses to get the team fired up. After his stint in Florida, Meyer became the head coach of Ohio State. He served there until 2018. Ryan Day replaced him within the same year.

Herbstreit on Michigan-Ohio State rivalry

The former Ohio State player has also weighed in on the current relevance of the long-time rivalry between the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Michigan Wolverines.

Herbstreit said that the Wolverines simply lack the elite talent that Ohio State has. He explained that if the Wolverines want to catch up to its rival’s dominance, it needs to improve on its recruitment. Stay tuned for more updates.