Hall of Famer and former Oakland Raiders defensive back Rod Woodson issued a powerful statement for New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft regarding the future of veteran quarterback Tom Brady. In an interview with "Zolak & Bertrand" on 98.5 The Sports Hub, Woodson said he would be shocked if the Patriots would let Brady leave in free agency. "I would be shocked -- shocked -- if Robert Kraft said, go ahead Tom, leave, " Woodson said, per an article written by Darren Hartwell of NBC Sports. The Hall of Famer added that Kraft should exert his power over head coach Bill Belichick and do everything they can to sign Brady to a new deal.

While Woodson understands that Belichick coached the Patriots to six Super Bowl trophies, he said that Kraft paid for the team and he has the right to decide on how to use his money. "And if you let that guy walk, shame on you. Shame on you, because he deserves what he deserves,” said Woodson, adding that Brady has given the Patriots several hometown discounts in his 20-year stint with the team.

Woodson says Kraft owes Brady so much

Woodson said Kraft owes Brady so much because the quarterback could have earned $30 million a year but didn’t ask for that since he wanted to be surrounded by good players who would help him win.

The best thing for Kraft to do is give Brady a one-year deal, worth 25 to 30 million, before he calls it a career, according to Woodson. In a recent interview with TMZ Sports, Kraft said the Patriots intend to keep Brady. The 42-year-old Brady will become an unrestricted free agent for the first time in his two decades with the Patriots.

In a recent interview, Brady said he will be open-minded about his options and embrace whatever the future brings. Earlier, ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith said the Patriots should present their offer to Brady on the table, instead of forcing the veteran quarterback to decide before free agency begins on whether he will stay or not.

According to Smith, Brady should stop giving favors to the Patriots because he has done so much for the team. While Brady hinted in an interview with Peter King of NBC Sports that he wants to stay with the Patriots, other teams such as the Los Angeles Chargers and the Raiders are possible destinations for him.

Smith backs Montana’s advice to Brady

On Monday, Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana advised Brady to stay with the Patriots instead of switching teams. Montana played 13 seasons with the San Francisco 49ers, but he ended his Hall of Fame career with the Kansas City Chiefs, where he played for two years. "It's a process to go through, and it takes time to get used to the team,” said Montana, referring to the adjustments that Brady could make if he moves to another team.

Smith echoed Montana’s sentiment, adding that the Patriots should give Brady additional weapons to work with if he decides to stay in New England, according to a report by Adam London of New England Sports Network (NESN). Smith said last season’s failure should not be blamed on Brady because he simply worked with the players provided to him by the team. Earlier, several experts said the Patriots give Brady the best chance to be successful.