Ryan Braun is one of the most successful baseball players of the 21st Century. In a different ear, his career statistic would have him as a virtual lock to be in the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

Braun may yet still be in the Hall of Fame one day. However, he is one of many baseball players in modern years to be attached to a scandal, which could affect his Hall of Fame prospects. In any event, Braun's days as a Major League Baseball player could be coming to a close.

Says he might retire after the 2020 season

The Milwaukee Brewers drafted Ryan Braun with the fifth overall pick in 2005.

He made his debut at the MLB level in 2007 and quickly became a star, as indicated by MSN. After the season's end, Braun was named the National League's Rookie of the Year. In 2006, he'd been the Brewers' Minor League Player of the Year.

The accolades would continue to flow in for Braun. Entering 2020, he's been named to six National League All-Star teams. He also has five Silver Slugger Awards and led the National League in home runs in 2012. But the personal high-point of Braun's career so far was likely in 2011. Braun was named the National League Most Valuable Player. That season, the Brewers reached the National League Championship Series. It was the first time during Braun's tenure that the Brewers would be among the last four remaining teams.

Originally, Braun was called up to the Brewers as a third baseman. After shaky defensive performances, the Brewers moved him to the outfield.

For the most part, Braun has remained an outfielder since then. On occasion, the Brewers have used him as a first baseman in recent years.

Recent years have also included a number of injuries that have plagued Braun.

In particular, lingering back and thumb problems have somewhat lessened his contributions to the team. Almost unquestioningly, Braun's role as the 'Face of the Brewers' has been taken over by Christian Yelich. Yelich was the NL MVP in 2018.

Injuries and age are, in all likelihood contributing to Braun's thoughts of retirement.

He also has a growing family to consider as he and his wife are expecting their third child. And there are also contractual concerns. Braun's current deal is up after 2020, with a mutual option for 2021. But according to Bleacher Report, the Brewers are 'highly unlikely' to exercise their end of the option.

Connections to PEDs

Towards the end of 2011, reports broke that Braun failed a test for performance-enhancing drugs. The penalty for failing the test would have been a 50-game suspension. But the suspension was overturned after being reviewed by a panel. It marked the first time a drug suspension issued by MLB was overturned. The reasoning for it being overturned largely hung on the unusual behavior of the test collector.

Later, Braun held a press conference where he declared he never knowingly or unknowingly used PEDs.

However, in 2013, Braun was named in the 'Biogenesis scandal'. The scandal involved a Coral Gables, Florida clinic that distributed PEDs to several MLB players. Braun's name was among those found in clinic documents. It should be noted that, unlike other players, Braun wasn't linked with a specific type of PED. Braun and the clinic's operator, Anthony Bosch, said the clinic only consulted for Braun.

If Braun had been found guilty, he could have been suspended for 100 games. Rather than take the risk, Braun and MLB struck an agreement for a lesser penalty. But the pair and scandals had a negative impact on Braun's image among Brewers fans and others.