Popular Clemson Tigers fansite Rubbing the Rock stirred controversy on Wednesday after it published an op-ed telling the Ohio State Buckeyes to accept their 2019 Fiesta Bowl defeat. The article by writer Shawn Spencer argued that the Tigers won the semifinals game fair and square. He wrote that there were moments in the game that were favorable to the Buckeyes, but they were still not able to score. This included Clemson wide receiver Tee Higgins’ absence for the first half of the game.

He also reminded Buckeye Nation that Ohio State led for much of the fourth quarter.

He further concluded that Ohio State players only have themselves to blame for their loss.

Other coaches, football officials react to 2019 Fiesta Bowl

The Fiesta Bowl game has become so controversial that many college football officials and coaches felt the need to participate in the discussions.

Big Ten supervisor of officials Bill Carollo has stated that he believes the Fiesta Bowl officials made the wrong decision in overturning Ohio State’s fumble. Because of the overturn, the Buckeyes were not able to keep their score for the touchdown. Outgoing national officiating supervisor Rogers Redding also shares Carollo’s assessment.

South Carolina offensive coordinator Mike Bobo has a different take on the controversy.

In a series of tweets, Bobo proposed that the NCAA should do an independent assessment of “official crews” of the bowls. They should then be ranked to ensure accountability.

Ohio State reaches out to potential transfer

In related news, the work is non-stop for Ohio State’s coaching staff. There is news that the university’s football program is among those courting former Miami Hurricanes running back Lorenzo Lingard.

According to reports, Ohio State reached out to Lingard right after he announced that he would leave Miami this year. He had a history with the Buckeyes as one of the program’s top targets for the 2018 recruiting class. As a matter of fact, he made two visits to the Columbus campus before he chose Miami.

Lingard could prove a valuable addition to the Buckeyes roster.

With the departure of multiple players from its defensive side, Lingard will be a much-needed boost to the Buckeyes’ defense. He was the no. 2 running back in the 2018 class, so he will surely have the skills to show.

Based on recent history, Ohio State has an excellent track record with transfer players. It can be remembered that quarterback Justin Fields did not start his college football career in the school. He was only transferred from the Georgia Bulldogs last year. He has since become one of the program’s biggest stars.