The Nebraska football team had, by all recruiting analyst accounts, a great early signing day. That's in spite of the fact that they actually lost a recruiting battle for 4-star defensive back Myles Slusher.

The 2020 recruiting class is still in the Top 20 for 247Sports despite the Huskers losing a commit shortly after signing day. JUCO defender Junior Aho announced he was a "free agent" at the end of last week.

The Cornhuskers did this despite missing the postseason for a third straight season. Nebraska football fans believe the staff was able to sign players like the top prep school player in the class like Alante Brown because the coaching staff is good at recruiting.

It appears Miami Hurricanes fans believe the Cornhuskers were able to have the kind of day they did because they are bankrolling the recruiting by paying players under the table.

Miami accuses Nebraska football of bribing players

On signing day, the Huskers managed to land three recruits out of Florida that were at one time Hurricanes' commits or top targets. Jaiden Francois was one of the best players they stole out from under Miami.

Not only were fans accusing the Huskers of shenanigans on that one, but one beat writer personally attacked the defensive back. That personal attack at least, didn't include acquisitions that Nebraska football recruiting hosts were giving players sexual favors.

That's just one of the things the Huskers were accused of on Miami message boards.

While not every Miami fan who was talking about the Huskers thought sexual favors were part of the deal, there were several who believed Nebraska put money under the table.

Most of those who believed that pointed to the fact the Cornhuskers have struggled on the field lately. Those same people seemed to be ignoring Miami has also struggled on the field.

Other fans were simply surprised Nebraska was able to get Florida kids to come to a state that turns cold a couple of months a year.

Signing day wasn't the first time Nebraska has been accused of bribery this recruiting cycle.

When Keyshawn Greene picked the Huskers just ahead of signing day, that was also over Miami.

The term "bag man" was brought up by one of Miami's fans then too.

Recent recruiting success isn't all that recent

If Miami fans are right and the Huskers are paying recruits, it appears they've been doing so for a couple of years now. While the Nebraska football team is currently sitting at 20th according to 247Sports, it's not the first time they've placed that well.

The Huskers finished 18th for 2019. They finished 23rd in 2018, that was Mike Riley's final season in Lincoln. It was also 23rd in 2017. In fact, the last time the Cornhuskers finished outside 247's Top 25 was back in 2016.