When Jamoi Hodge announced he wasn't committed to the Nebraska football team anymore, questions began circulating. The JUCO linebacker was hailed as one of the better gets for Scott Frost and company. Then, he wasn't a "get" at all.

Not long after Hodge announced he no longer planned to come to Lincoln, the Omaha World-Herald got in touch with the player. When they asked him why he had chosen to decommit, he didn't shed a great deal of light on the subject.

What he did do was give a hint behind the decision. He told the paper they should talk to the coaches.

Hints are confirmed

The fact that Hodge said the paper should talk to the coaches seemed to indicate the decision wasn't really his. On Sunday afternoon, the Linebacker seemed to have gone an extra step and confirmed that the Nebraska football coaching staff had basically told him he was no longer welcome.

This came out when one Husker fan went after Hodge on Twitter. A person who goes by the name "Chubby Penguin" was criticizing the linebacker prospect for his change of heart, and Jamoi Hodge shed some more light on the situation.

Chubby Penguin was apparently commenting on a tweet Hodge had issued earlier that he has since deleted. The user told Hodge, "one moment you commit to Miami, a week later you aren’t.

One week (literally) you’re committed to Nebraska, one week you aren’t. Who’s the flavor of the week now? Lol"

While several other Husker fans went after the user, telling him he needed to be better than that. Still, Hodge decided it was worth responding. His response seems to explain exactly why he went from a future Nebraska football player, not a free agent, in less than 10 days.

"Lol. I never decommited from Nebraska if you want to be real Nebraska coaches de commited from me. I didn’t have a choice."

This comment seems to confirm that the coaches had indeed pulled his scholarship offer. The question now is whether or not the staff had ever meant for him to commit in the first place, or whether something has changed in their plans.

Linebacker prospects

As the school gets closer to signing day, the Nebraska football team has been working hard to finish strong. That has meant going after linebackers in large quantities. It appears that the coaching staff has had good enough luck that it believes it's going to get a player that is better than Hodge.

The Independence linebacker is plenty talented, but it's possible the Huskers are looking to land a high school prospect. With just 14 commits in the 2020 class, it's unclear just how Scott Frost or his assistants see the class shaking out. As of now, Jamoi Hodge isn't in the picture and it's unlikely the staff is going to shed light on just why they pulled the offer so soon after his commitment.