Freddie Kitchens' seat might be hotter than the Cleveland Browns claimed it was just a week ago. According to a new report, on Sunday morning, Jason La Canfora says he's heard the team has actively started looking for his replacement.

Kitchens came into the season with zero head coaching experience. it was expected the raw talent on the roster would allow him to win, while dealing with some learning on the job.

Instead, the Browns are just 7-8 this season and are arguably about to finish one of the most disappointing seasons in the franchise's history.

From Super Bowl contender to losing record

With Odell Beckham Jones, Jarvis Landry, Nick Chubb, Baker Mayfield and a cast of other NFL stars, the Cleveland Browns entered the season as big-time contenders. The fact that the team played very well once former head coach Hue Jackson was fired last season added to the hype.

As some people pointed out before 2019 began, Freddie Kitchens wasn't the man who led the team to that success. It was actually a staff that was largely let go that allowed the Browns to finish 2018 the way they did.

Despite there being some very loud voices that Kitchens might not be ready for the job, it was the consensus of many of the Cleveland Browns' stars that he be the man to lead them. Now that he's led them to a 7-8 record with one week to go, the team appears to be rethinking how it wants to go about the new rebuild.

Cleveland Browns seemed ready to give it another go

As SB Nation pointed out just a few days ago, the franchise appeared as though it had no interest in firing its head coach. Some thought that was only because general manager John Dorsey wasn't going to admit he had made a mistake.

Other comments coming from ownership and the front office simply pointed to the fact that very few teams are successful when they change head coaches every season.

Having just fired their head man in the 2018 season, the Haslems appeared ready to give their new hire at least one more season.

At the same time, there were plenty of people who saw problems with the way the team was being run by Kitchens. In the team's week-15 loss to Arizona, rumors that some Cleveland players were talking to Cardinals members about "coming to get them" came out.

Since those reports surfaced, the Browns who supposedly made those comments have called the report ridiculous. That hasn't stopped rumors of disdain for Freddie Kitchens to continue.

Now, CBS Sports is reporting the team might have decided to move on after all. Since Kitchens hasn't been fired yet, there is a chance he could come out of this just fine. What the Cleveland Browns do after the final game of the regular season will be watched closely around the league.