Hands down, the New England Patriots are the best NFL team from 2010 to 2019 based on their record and number of Super Bowl wins. According to Eric Stephen of SB Nation, the Patriots recorded a 125-35 mark during the past decade for a winning percentage of 0.781. They made 10 straight playoff appearances with five trips to the Super Bowl, winning three Lombardi trophies. The Patriots also earned nine first-round byes in the playoffs. It could have been 10 consecutive byes but they lost to the Miami Dolphins, 27-24, in their regular season finale.

It was not even close as the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers both had 102 wins apiece from 2010 to 2019 with one Super Bowl appearance each. The Packers had a record of 102-56-2 for a 0.644 winning percentage while the Steelers had a mark of 102-57-1 for a winning percentage of 0.641. The Seattle Seahawks were fourth with a 100-59-1 mark for a 0.628 winning percentage while the New Orleans Saints had a 100-60 record for a 0.625 winning mark.

Patriots No.1 team at home, on road

The Patriots official website also provided additional insight on how dominant was the team in the past decade. At home, the Patriots had 69 wins while the Packers had 61, Baltimore Ravens 60, Seahawks 57, and Steelers 56.

New England is also dominant on the road as it was at Gillette Stadium, recording 56 wins, 10 more than the Steelers. The Patriots also led the league in points scored in the past decade with 4,720, followed by the Saints (4,494), Packers (4,156), Atlanta Falcons (3,996), and Philadelphia Eagles (3,984). They also limited opponents to a total of 3,048 points, for a points differential of 1,672.

The Seahawks allowed 3,098 points, while the Steelers, Ravens and Kansas City Chiefs yielded 3,128, 3,128 and 3,341, respectively. The Patriots were second to the Saints in offensive touchdowns with 501, and led the league in rushing touchdown last decade with 178. With Tom Brady leading the way, New England is third in passing touchdowns with 323, and 2nd in scrimmage yards with 63,820.

Patriots defense also dominant

The Patriots also protected the ball well in the past decade, recording the fewest number of takeaways (146), interceptions thrown (83) and fumbles (151). The Patriots defense showed the way with 181 interceptions and 293 takeaways and capitalized on their opponents' mistakes by scoring 1,013 points off turnovers. This season, the Patriots defense, led by cornerback Stephon Gilmore, was outstanding as they helped lift the team to crucial wins. This season, Gilmore recorded 59 tackles and six interceptions, two of which he returned for touchdowns. Gilmore’s performance could earn him Defensive Player of the Year honor. Gilmore and the rest of the defense have to step up when they take on the Tennessee Titans in the Wild Card Game on Saturday.