Once again, retired tight end Rob Gronkowski has fueled comeback rumors with his latest Facebook post on Sunday that sent New England Patriots fans into a frenzy. In his latest Facebook post, Gronkowski reshared Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s 2016 photo holding a conch shell with a caption New England Patriots RECEIVERS… ASSEMBLE!!!. Gronkowski then added his own caption “Tom Brady, do you think this thing still works?!!” Gronkowski’s post came one day after he told fans on Instagram that he will have a “big announcement” on Tuesday. Patriots fans then flooded the Facebook post with comments calling for Gronkowski to come out of retirement and help the team in its stretch run.

Some of the comments include:

-- "Nice tease for your announcement on Tuesday! I called it MONTHS ago! Welcome back!"

-- "Gronk, time for Return of the Gronk. You’re 30. You have a few years left in you yet, young man, IMHO."

-- "Would be awesome to have Gronk sign my pop figure. Would be fantastic to have him back on the field again."

-- "Gronk if you come back I win $20 off my dad!! I could use the cash and bragging rights."

-- "Okay Rob please come back. We miss seeing you on the field with Tom.. PLEASE..."

-- "Come back! Come back! Come back! With you back there’s no way the patriots can’t make the super bowl and win another one!"

-- "Is this a sign of things to come?

Please tell me you’re coming back Gronk..... you could put up more numbers in one game than our TE corps has put up all season..... We need you. #StairWayToSeven"

-- "Come back little Monster, Pat nation is waiting for you and summer is over anyway"

However, some Patriots fans are skeptical that Gronkowski’s announcement is in any way connected with his NFL comeback.

One fan said it might be related to his CBD business while others wish Gronkowski should enjoy retirement.

Gronkowski has until Nov. 30 to decide

Gronkowski has until Nov. 30 to inform the NFL of whether he plans to return. The Patriots, for their part, must place Gronkowski on their active roster after Week 13 or until Nov. 30 for him to become eligible for the playoffs.

Earlier, it was reported that Patriots CEO Robert Kraft told Gronkowski while he was cleaning out his locker in March that “he wants him to return for November, December, and the playoffs stretch run”, per a report by Ian Rapoport of NFL Media.

Brady said Patriots will roll with current lineup

However, Brady said in an interview on The Greg Hill Show that he’s not privy to the conversation between Kraft and Gronkowski. He added that the Patriots will roll with their current lineup in their last seven games. “Our team is what it is," emphasized Brady. In his latest interview with John Kryk of the Toronto Sun, Gronkowski said he’s not keen on returning this season, but he is open to making a comeback to the Patriots in the future.