The season might be over but the Chicago Cubs and Milwaukee Brewers are still beefing. More specifically, Brewers' outfielder Christian Yelich and Cubs pitcher Yu Darvish are having a bit of a disagreement on social media. One has to wonder if this is the kind of disagreement that could carry over into the regular season considering what the Twitter argument is over.

Stealing Chicago Cubs signs?

The issue started when reports surfaced last week about the Houston Astros and the lengths they went to when it came to stealing signs during the 2017 season.

While sign stealing is something that has been a part of baseball basically since the sport was born, there are acceptable and unacceptable ways to do it.

If a team manages to figure out signs because their base runners notice a habit when it comes to calling pitches, that's considered the acceptable way to steal signs. What MLB teams and players are not ok with is a team using technology and cameras to steal signs. This is what the Houston Astros were doing.

The report about Houston soon turned into a larger conversation about what teams are doing when it comes to stealing signs. The website Bleacher Nation, a Chicago Cubs centric blog found an old highlight of Christian Yelich going up against Yu Darvish and started wondering whether the Brewers weren't using something mechanical in order to steal signs.

Along with the video, the site tweeted out "Here's the video - it happens very quickly, and just before Yu steps off. Yelich is locked on Darvish, eyes flick toward left-center, then back to Darvish. Yu steps off." The insinuation here Yelich was looking somewhere else, possibly to a sign being relayed to him.

Darvish responds

Not long after the original Tweet, the Chicago Cubs pitcher saw it and commented on it.

"I'm not sure what is he trying to do. But to be clear his eyes move first. That's why I step off."

This particular response found its way to Christian Yelich who quickly took offense at the insinuation that the Brewers' outfielder was stealing signs. His response was both a rebuttal and an insult thrown Darvish's way. "Be better than this. Nobody needs help facing you."

That comment, of course, was meant to suggest that Darvish is very hittable. To some degree, and only looking at Darvish's 2018 numbers, that's not an incorrect claim. The pitcher had a down year in his first season in Chicago. That included missing time with injury.

In 2019, Yu Darvish got closer to his career numbers. Against the Brewers this season, Darvish faced them twice, went 1-0 with a 0.90 ERA and 15 strikeouts. Neither Christian Yelich nor any other member of the Milwaukee Brewers hit Yu Darvish well at all.