The Nebraska football team takes the field on Saturday knowing one thing at least. Their head coach doesn't think his players are tough enough. It doesn't appear he's alone. One Florida Sentinel writer, who covers Frost's old team, recently wrote a column where he called the Huskers and their fans out. Mike Bianchi laid it out all out in his headline, saying "memo to Scott Frost, unlike your Cornhuskers, UCF players are cold-blooded."

It's the latest salvo from followers of Frost's former team. UCF fans and members of the media have made no bones about their frustration over his leaving.

They've also made it clear they're quite enjoying his struggles with the Nebraska football team.

Nebraska football becomes a joke

The comments that spurred this column were those made by Frost after his team lost, at home, to Indiana 38-31. It was the beginning of a multi-day theme where the Nebraska staff talked about toughness. It doesn't appear any of the coaches believe there's enough of it in Lincoln.

In particular, Frost mentioned his team's preparation for their game in Minnesota. That was a game where the Huskers were soundly beaten in what was colder weather than Nebraska was used to.

After the Indiana game, Frost talked about seeing his team wearing sweatshirts in warmups and that he didn't like seeing that.

Bianchi, the writer who resides in sunny Orlando certainly did. He pointed out the "frail, soft, shivering, cold-intolerant Cornhuskers apparently have this annoying habit of bundling up in their warm, snuggly fleece jammies before they go out onto the field for pregame warm-ups."

Bianchi pointed out UCF, by contrast, played in chilly Philadelphia this past weekend and took the field shirtless for warmups.

They then went on to beat Temple, 63-21.

Taunting has a point

While Bianchi was clearly having fun at Nebraska football's expense, he had a larger point. He believes Frost inherited a better situation in Orlando than he has in Lincoln. He also believes there was a better work ethic installed at UCF.

"George O’Leary’s final season at UCF may have been an 0-12 disaster, but O’Leary always instilled an old-school work ethic and toughness that Frost immediately built upon." Bianchi wrote.

The Florida writer also believes the fans in Lincoln aren't giving Frost enough time to really install his program and his attitude. There are certainly some who have started loudly wondering whether this staff is the right one. Count Bianchi among those who believe Scott Frost can get it turned around if he has the time to do so. Nebraska football is likely going to find out if he's right. The Huskers gave their new head coach a seven-year deal and the school's AD has no intention at the moment, of cutting that short.