ESPN analyst Adam Rittenberg has apologized for his comments on Twitter immediately following the Nebraska football game.

Rittenberg took to the social media platform shortly after the Huskers beat Northwestern on a last-second field goal, 13-10. The original post was just two words "really, Nebraska?"

When Rittenberg was asked what he meant by that comment, he went on to claim the Cornhuskers "stormed the field" after the win. Those comments generated quite a bit of backlash.

People pointed out repeatedly, most college football teams celebrate when they get a game-winning score.

Lane McCallum, a walkon safety who has been forced into the kicker's role hit an improbable field goal and then ran down the field in exhilaration. Several teammates followed him, then put him on their shoulders.

Rittenberg still didn't understand

On Monday, the ESPN analyst tried to stop the mean tweets aimed at him after his comment. He issued an apology saying, "Nebraska fans: I should have been more sensitive about the context with that kick/celebration. My apologies. I didn't fully appreciate the circumstances. I thought reaction would be a bit more like win over Illinois (relief), but I get why this was different."

Unfortunately, he is still drawing the ire of Nebraska football fans with his response to one Twitter user who claimed he still didn't get why "he got so much heat." Rittenberg responded "If you're talking about where I went to school, that's a garbage argument.

My initial point was Nebraska, a historically great program, beat a 1-3 team that has no offense and came in as a touchdown underdog. It could have been any 1-3 team."

Another user pointed out he and others don't care where Rittenberg went to school. The issue for many was it appeared to be a jab at the Huskers because the analyst claimed more than the players were charging the field.

Rittenberg did admit he had made a mistake there too.

Moving on

While the Huskers were indeed a touchdown favorite over Northwestern, the rivalry between Nebraska football and the Wildcats has generated drama in most contests.

Last season, Northwestern rallied from a deep hole to take the Huskers to overtime, where they eventually beat Scott Frost and company.

That was the second straight overtime game for Northwestern and Nebraska. Now, the Cornhuskers will move on to take on the Minnesota Golden Gophers. The 4-2 Nebraska football team has opened as a touchdown underdog to the 5-0 Gophers. ESPN's FPI gives the Huskers just a 31.8 percent chance of winning the game.

The team is also playing a wait and see game with Adrian Martinez. The starting quarterback was injured against Northwestern and it's not clear whether he'll be able to play this Saturday.