The Nebraska football team lost out on one of the top quarterback prospects in the 2021 class. That's the bad news. The good news is that the Huskers knew they likely weren't getting Jake Garcia for a while now. Both sides seemed to have moved on.

Still, it's not very often you hear about a Nebraska legacy prospect picking another school. More than any team in the country, the Huskers are usually pretty good at landing the sons, nephews, and grandsons of players that came to Lincoln before them.

Jake Garcia will not be following in the footsteps of his father, Randy Garcia, who played for the Huskers during the heydays of the 1970s.

Instead, the young quarterback out of Harbor City, California is staying in-state having announced last night he would be attending USC.

One of the top prospects in the country

While the Nebraska football team had likely moved on from Jake Garcia, it's an understatement to say losing out on this prospect hurts. The quarterback was the second-best player in the entire state of California for the 2021 class. He's the third-best overall quarterback.

247Sports has him ranked as the 14th best player in the whole class. Jake Garcia was, without a doubt, one of the most sought after prospects of the 2021 group. There was a time when the Nebraska football team was the front runner by a large margin. Plenty of people were talking about the noise getting a prospect of this caliber in Lincoln would have made.

That despite the fact Nebraska already has Logan Smothers, a talented quarterback from Alabama slated to come to town.

Writing on the wall for Nebraska football

While the Huskers were likely hoping they would continue to get a look from Garcia, it's not entirely clear how well he would fit in their system. Scott Frost runs an offense that relies on a mobile quarterback.

While Garcia is said not to be a statue in the pocket, he is much more of a pro-style passer. It's possible the Cornhuskers would have adapted their approach to his skills. It's also possible this is one of the reasons Nebraska fell by the wayside over the last few months.

Over the last few months, the quarterback talked about how much he liked what USC did on offense.

He also spoke about how he was planning to head to Florida for an official visit. He also named a "Top 10" in July, and the Nebraska football team was not included in that group.

There are players that pull a name out of the hat no one saw coming in situations like this every now and then. At the same time, it appeared the Cornhuskers were moving on as they've been looking at more mobile quarterbacks as well. Smothers is coming. Nebraska is looking at adding at least one more quarterback commit in the 2021 class. Now they know for sure it won't be Jake Garcia.