With the 7th inning program beginning on September 13, MLB The Show 19 has revealed the three bosses that will be a part of the program.

Those three bosses will be first baseman Jeff Bagwell, right fielder Andre Dawson, and starting pitcher Tom Seaver. Each player is rated a 99 overall. Footage of the three of them in game action can be found on the MLB The Show 19 Twitter page.

As most fans of MLB The Show 19 already know, you must get 300 stars in the 7th inning program in order to add one of the bosses to your Diamond Dynasty team.

Jeff Bagwell, First baseman

Spending his entire 15-year career with the Astros (1991-2005), Bagwell was placed into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2017. The feared slugger was named 1994’s National League MVP. He also made four All-Star Teams and won three Silver Sluggers as well as one Gold Glove.

Bagwell finished his career just shy of a .300 batting average (.297), but he has an impressive .406 on-base percentage and .948 OPS. He slugged a total of 449 home runs and 488 doubles. Every season from 1996-2002, he walked at least 101 times.

Bagwell’s Signature Series highest attributes include contact vs. lefties (125), discipline (125), clutch (118), contact vs. righties (109), power vs. lefties (108), power vs.

righties (106), and vision (101).

Andre Dawson, Right field

Inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2010, Dawson spent 21 seasons in the majors from 1976-1996. He was named the National League MVP in 1987 with the Cubs when he led the league in both home runs (49) and RBIs (137). During his illustrious career, he was named to eight All-Star Teams, won eight Gold Gloves, and took home four Silver Sluggers.

Known as “The Hawk”, Dawson put together quite the career. He finished up with 2,774 hits, 438 homers, 508 doubles, 314 stolen bases, 1,591 RBIs, and 1,373 runs while playing with the Expos, Cubs, Red Sox, and Marlins.

Dawson’s Signature Series highest attributes include vision (113), contact vs. lefties (112), clutch (104), contact vs.

righties (101), power vs. lefties (100), durability (98), and arm strength (97).

Tom Seaver, Starting pitcher

Perhaps the most historic player in Mets history, Seaver found his way into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1992. The dominant pitcher spent 20 years in the big leagues from 1967-1986. He was named to 12 All-Star teams.

Some of his career marks include a 311-205 record, 2.86 ERA, 1.12 WHIP, and 3,640 strikeouts. Seaver’s Baseball-Reference page includes bold ink everywhere as he led the National League five times in strikeouts, and three times in wins, ERA, and WHIP.

Seaver’s Signature Series highest attributes include stamina (123), K/9 innings (104), clutch (102), hits/9 innings (98), break (94), HR/9 innings (91), and control (90).