When it comes to offensive coordinators in the National Football League, teams are recruiting younger and younger. Kellen Moore, who's calling plays for Dallas, is only 30 years old, compared to his competition on Sunday, 34-year-old Kevin O'Connell of the Washington Redskins. Moore is in his rookie season as offensive coordinator after previously serving as the team's quarterbacks coach 2018. After only the first week, he's already gaining a lot of hype.

Kellen Moore's offense unit destroying the competition

In Week 1, the Dallas Cowboys destroyed the Giants, Dak Prescott ended up throwing for four touchdowns and recording a perfect passer rating in their opening game.

Prescott was in the zone all game and deserves the praise for the showing, insiders are also highlighting Moore's impact on Dak Prescott and the overall unit.

Head Coach Jason Garrett is a big fan of Moore and how things are melding together. Garrett praised Moore saying Kellen's off to a great start. He's a smart guy, and as a former player, he's a guy we knew that could be a really good coach. Moore has already been called Prescott's Sean McVay and was even praised by Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, following the victory over the New York Giants.

Not all are impressed by Kellen Moore's work in Dallas

Washington Redskins coach Jay Gruden has said that Moore's gameplan has not changed much compared to what Dallas did in the past, but that he does appreciate what the new coordinator has begun.

Gruden says that Moore did a great job of calling plays at his first game.

Redskins Jon Bostic called Moore's scheme a headache. Moore is said to add wrinkles to it, "shifting and motioning before every play." The Redskins are facing another loaded group at FedEx Field. The Cowboys are being led by one of the top running backs in the league, and Amari Cooper destroyed the Redskins last Thanksgiving, and now they've established a nice supporting cast as well.

Kellen Moore becoming a hot commodity in the NFL

To top it all off, you have Moore, the league's new hot commodity in the coaching world, the one calling the plays. While he won't be on the field, he definitely poses as big a threat as any visiting player will.

Moore's relationship with Dak Prescott was a huge factor in his promotion.

The two competed to be Tony Romo's backup three seasons ago, but Moore fractured his ankle during the first week of training camp, which ended his season. Moore managed to make an impression on Prescott. Prescott gave Moore credit for dialing up the right plays at the right time. Kellen Moore could soon become a top head-coaching candidate if the Cowboys continue to produce the way they did against the Giants last week.