Down 16-0 late in the third quarter, it felt like the Buffalo Bills had almost no chance. The team was able to move the ball on offense, but suffered four turnovers in the first half. The Jets had a two score lead that felt almost insurmountable. But the Bills never lost hope, and the team battled back to eventually earn a tough 17-16 victory.

Dion Dawkins following the game

After the game, Dawkins was able to explain the Buffalo Bills comeback in a fairly unique way.

Dawkins likened the Bills comeback to cooking Mac & Cheese, as you have to keep on stirring and stirring until finally it gets to the point where it's "nice, wet, and juicy." Similar to how the food gets better as time goes on, Buffalo's offense exploded late in the 2nd half as Devin Singletary accounted for 70 yards rushing on just four carries.

John Brown caught a late touchdown and the Bills defense held on the next possession.

Following the game, Kraft posted their own version of Dawkins' press conference:

Trent Murphy absolutely loved the post, commenting "this is everything" on it after it was posted. The two teammates clearly support each other, as Sean McDermott has instilled a culture of togetherness and support within the team.

Dion Dawkins Support for his Quarterback

The offensive lineman had some other words besides the ones that went viral for Josh Allen. He and the rest of the offensive line want to make sure that he can step up in the pocket and make the decisions that he wants to.

Dawkins even suggested that watching Allen was like "watching greatness" in the video.

Bills fans probably wouldn't agree after watching the first half, where Josh had four turnovers, but he did lead his team to a victory. It's hard to win in the NFL, especially on the road, so stealing a game late like that invigorates the team.

Week 2 Matchup with the New York Giants

The Bills offense will look to start a little bit faster in a week 2 road matchup with the Giants.

If last week's game is any indication, Buffalo may have plenty of fans in the stands rooting for them. Team's with four turnovers in one game very rarely end up with wins, so it would be wise for Bills coaches to allow Dion Dawkins to run block in the early stages of the game.

Devin Singletary more than proved that he is capable of being a NFL running back with several impressive runs against the New York Jets.

He needs to be involved more in the offense to take the pressure off Josh Allen and the passing game. There's no real reason to call tons of passing plays in a row when Buffalo has a really solid rushing attack that is capable of getting the job done.

If all goes well in week 2, we might get yet another legendary Dion Dawkins media appearance.