Drama continues to follow Antonio Brown wherever he goes, from Pittsburgh to now Oakland. From his discontent in Pittsburgh that caused the team to trade him to the Oakland Raiders, to his damaged feet that forced him to only be able to attend one training camp practice with his new team, and now he's fighting over the use of his helmet, that is now being banned by the league. It's been an interesting 2019 for the superstar receiver.

Antonio Brown continues to be absent from the Raiders, as his foot continues to heal and he fumes over the loss of the Schutt AiR Advantage helmet, that he can no longer wear on the field.

According to Pro Football Talk, the league has tested an AiR Advantage made less than 10 years ago, and ruled it not safe either, meaning Brown must find a new model, full stop.

Oakland Raiders support of Antonio Brown beginning to diminish

While the Oakland Raiders have shown their support of Brown's protest, their patience appears to be running out and now want him to return to the team -- or move on. These were the thoughts Raiders General Manager shared with reporters on Sunday. According to Las Vegas Review-Journal's Myles Simmons, Mike Mayock said that Raiders have done all they can do, and that it's time for Antonio Brown to be all in or all out.

While his comments are strong, Mayock appears to be upset over Brown's continued absence.

While he hopes Brown returns very soon, his tone reveals the frustration he and the Raiders organization are feeling regarding Brown. The Raiders put a lot on the line for the star receiver, sending Pittsburgh two 2019 draft picks, while also giving Antonio Brown a three-year, $50.125 million extension, including $30.125 million guarantee.

That price solidifies Antonio Brown as one of the league's top receivers, but the cost of securing Brown is becoming clear to the Raiders organization.

Oakland Raiders willing to move on without Antonio Brown

With only one practice under his belt, and catching passes to a new quarterback, Brown is severly behind schedule because of his foot injury.

This helmet issue has caused him to pout and keep him away from the Raiders. Now Mayock appears to have had enough and is now issuing him an ultimatum.

However, this ultimatum could be what is needed for Brown to return and find a new helmet and move forward. But, they still don't know when and if this will happen, which adds more stress on the Oakland Raiders. Mayock's press conference appears to signal that the Raiders front office is ready for Brown to move on with a new helmet, while also willing to part ways with him, despite the costs. It appears it will take time before we see Antonio Brown on the field again.